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Slug Woman Past Life

May 5, 2020

My client was interested in learning about any potential past life. This is what is revealed to her.

A: In this sleep, you dream that you are in a beautiful and ancient Forest. These trees are epic. They're very old. Taking in the beauty of this forest and trees... fill your lungs with the fresh forest air. Taking in the smell of surrounding trees... notice the rays of sunlight streaming in through the tree branches. You see a path up ahead. Begin to walk this path. Now look down at your feet and notice the shoes that you are wearing. And when you are ready describe the shoes that are on your feet.

N: They are brown boots that come out over my ankles...they have laces.

A: Brown boots that come up to your let's move up your legs and describe what you see when you look down at your legs and your torso. What are you wearing?

N: Plants? (Laughter) looks like plants. It's funny looking… looks like tentacles and plants and stuff vines.

A: You are aware of plants, funny looking like vines. Notice how these plants and funny looking vines feel on your body as you walk this path. Describe how it feels on your body.

N: It feels nice. If it feels like it is me... like umm, yeah know like they're part of me like I'm planty.

A: It feels nice like it's a part of you… and you’re planty. Alright...and as you continue to walk on this path….you move up your body and notice anything else that you might be wearing.

N: It feels like I don't walk but like I glide along.

A: You are gliding along the path… wearing this plant tentacle outfit. It feels good… it feels like part of you. Very good. And now let’s look at yourself if you can maybe you can see your reflection in something. And when you're able to see yourself describe your face, your head… describe what you see.

N: I see like a cross between a slug and a catfish and a planty tentacle thing.

A: Very good. You see a… (interrupted)

N: Yeah, there's like a thick neck. I don’t know... and it's sunny I can feel the sun. On my back which is really wide and I don't even know if there's arms. I don't think I have arms.

A: Uh-uh… so sludgy catfish like… thick neck and you don't...your not sure if you have arms.

N: No there's no arms.

A: Very good… ok... So here you are gliding in this ancient forest. I want you to go inside as you're gliding along this path in this ancient forest. And describe how you feel to be this slug-like catfish no arms being... what does it feel like?

N: It feels….like it just is.

A: Uh-huh, it feels like it just is.

N: Yah. There's no fear... there's no fear. There's things to do, but there's not like emotion it's just okay.

A: There's no fear, there are things to do and it's okay. And so… with this no fear and these things to do... what are you doing?

N: Eating?... like looking for food. Trying to not get eaten.

A. Eating. So when you're eating, what is it that you are eating?

N: Plants?

A: Plants...describe the plant you are eating.

N: It's smooth and green and thin and full of water it's easy to's thin.

A: Easy to eat full of water… thin.

N: Uh-huh (Huge laughter)... It feels feels funny.

A: What is it that feels funny?

N: Being a slug

A: A slug...It feels funny. What is the funny-ness that you feel being slug?

N: Uh… there's no arms and legs. There's no arms... yeah. I think I'm used being... having arms and legs. It’s been a long time since I didn't have arms and legs.

A: It's been a long time since you had arms and legs. What's happening now?

N: There's water. It’s like there's a pond. It's somewhere nice… there's yeah there's light... And water and sounds of other things... bugs, flies...dragonflies, bees... there's lots of things all around... Life, there's lots of life.

A: There's water. It's nice... There’s lots of insects. I want you to just be in this moment in this scene... There's this slug surrounded by these insects eating this smooth plant that is filled with water. Integrate everything that you are experiencing now. What's happening now?

N: I can feel my mouth and it's really funny… (big laughter). It's like it goes from like… (unintelligible)...this hole. It's really funny and there's this mouth… my mouth um... And I can feel. I can the top of my head and it's just...yeah. It's a different shape than I'm used to.

A: You can feel this funny mouth and the top of your head is this interesting different shape than you are used to. All right... And now let's move forward in this life as a slug to an important time in the slug's life. Let's move forward to another scene 3….2…1. Be there now. What's happening?

N: I…. I think I'm dead.

A: You're dead. Let's go to that scene. (Bell rings). What happened?

N: I got eaten. By something flying… something hard. Something hard like a beak.

A: Describe that scene in which you were eaten by something hard like a beak.

N: It was shady... it was not sunny.

A: You are in the shade.. it is not sunny.

N: And there was... I was up high on the plant. Uh...yeah I was far from the ground and then… and then it hurts and then there is nothing... There's like air. There's like not being on the plant anymore. And then that's it.

A: Not being on the plant anymore and then that's it. Very good. And now where are you?

After not being on the plant and that’s it... What's happening now?

N: It's just black.

A: Black. (Pause) Now, what's happening?

N: It's still black.

A: Still black… okay let's move forward. Move forward in time. 3...2...1. Be there now in this scene. (Pause) Where are you?

N: Outside… in the yard.

A: Outside in the yard. Are you alone or with anyone?

N: There's animals… there's like… there’s cows.

A: There’s cows. Look down at your feet and describe what you see.

N: Old worn boots. They are black leather and they are really worn and old.

A: Old worn and really old. And now scan your torso and describe what you see.

N: Skirts… like dirty… like muddy bottomed skirts.

A: You see muddy bottomed skirts. (Pause) And now if you can catch your reflection describe what you see.

N: Uh... A woman...Umm... My hair is tied back and I'm wearing an apron. Umm, I’m tired, I look... I work hard... I look weathered.

A: You see a woman. You are tired and you work hard. About how old would you say you are?

N: 18.

A: 18... What are you doing in this scene? With these cows... tired and working hard?

N: Giving them hay?

A: Giving them hay.

N: Moving hay.

A: Moving hay. (Pause) What year would you say this is?

N: 18 something?

A: 18 something...

N: I don't know…

A: You are moving hay, it's 18 something... You are 18...about, you are tired. And now let's move forward in time. Let's go to your home in this time. As you are approaching your home, describe what you see. This is the place you live.

N: It's a house, it's small, it's white and green but like it's wood. It's not... It's old, it's wood. There's only two windows and they’re really small. And there's tools hung up all on the outside... And there's firewood along one side…and a clothesline.

A: The house is white and green and there's tools along the exterior of the house... And now let's go ahead and step inside this house. Describe what you see when you enter.

N: It's just one room. There's a kitchen with a wood stove and a counter. And then there's a bed in the corner and there is like a desk under the window.

A: Ok... There's a desk under the window. Is there anyone else in this house?

N: No

A: No… just you. Okay, we are going to move forward in this lifetime at 18… living in this house working hard….the cows. We are going to move forward to a landmark moment, a significant time for you in this lifetime as this hard-working 18-year-old in the 1800s. Move to a time that is very significant to you. When I count from 3 to 1 you will be in that scene...3….2….1. be there now. Are you inside or are you outside?

N: I'm outside.

A: You're outside. Are you alone or with someone?

N: I'm in a wagon driving away from my family with the guy I'm going to marry.

A: You are in a wagon driving away from your family with the guy you're going to marry.

How do you feel at this moment? Driving away in this wagon... Go inside and describe what you were experiencing in this scene.

N: I don't want to go and I'm scared and confused.

A: You don't want to go... You're scared and confused. Okay… now let's move even further forward to another significant scene in this lifetime. Anything to shed light on a significant scene... Anything that will shed light. Let's move forward… 3….2….1. Be there now.

Are you inside or are you outside?

N: Inside.

A: Inside. Are you alone or with someone?

N: I'm alone.

A: You're alone. Go ahead and describe the scene.

N: I'm in my house. I'm in the house.

A: You're in your house.

N: I'm in the house.

A: You're in the house.

N: I'm in the house and it's wintertime and there's snow and...there’s lots of snow. And my husband has left and he was supposed to be back he was supposed to come home and he hasn't come home. And he's not going to come home...He doesn't come home.

A: It's wintertime and your husband is not coming home. (Pause) Go inside your body in this moment in which you are in your house and it's snowing outside. Your husband was supposed to come home but he's not coming home. Describe what you're feeling experiencing.

N: I am terrified and relieved and panicked and planning how I can live until the snow melts and I can get to my neighbor's house. (Pause) I'm thinking about wood... How am I going to get the wood? How... I need to chop wood. That's ...I'm panicked about chopping wood.

A: Panicked about chopping wood. (Pause) So what... What's happening? What do you do?

N: I… I will survive. I chop the wood. I keep the fire going. Yeah, I make it, I make it to spring, and then I live alone.

A: You make it to spring... and you live alone in this house?

N: I live alone in the house...and then I get sick. And then I die.

A: Let's move to that scene. (Pause) The very end of your lifetime. In this lifetime... And describe the death.

N: It hurts. It hurts and it's cold and it's dark and I'm alone... And then... And then I die.

A: It hurts, it's dark, you're alone and then you die. (Pause) Is there anything else that the subconscious mind wishes to reveal to Nancy? In this lifetime... Any other scene that serves her?

N: No.

A: No….ok. I'm going to close this scene and close this journey. I'm going to call you back to your present self and time bringing back with you all the insights all the downloads all the integration. I'll count you from 1 to 5 and on 5 you will open your eyes. One... bringing back with you the tools and the techniques to be applied to this current life anytime anywhere. 3...returning to your body. 4...begin to move your toes and your fingers and on 5… as if your eyes are bathed in fresh spring water... when you are ready open your eyes.

For the audio recording click on Slug Woman Past Life download.

This post is made possible with the consent of my client. All rights reserved.

Slug Woman Past Life
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