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Hypnosis Removes Writers Block

My client began writing a book over a year ago, the book was writing itself for a while when the characters suddenly stopped speaking. An earlier hypnosis session revealed information about the characters in her book. She connected this session with a shamanic journey she had taken years before. This shamanic journey took her through a cave filled with shards of mirrors that partially revealed an elephant and led her to a desert where she encountered threatening wolves and a tree that provided her safety from the wolves.

M: There are green bushes to the left, and rocks to the right. We are just standing staring at each other now.

A: So there you are in this desert...not in a good place. There are three wolves with yellow eyes and they are hungry. Have you made it to the tree yet?

M: I'm not sure what to do. One wolf is sitting down and watching me. Another one rolls up onto his back. And there's just one standing…looking at me.

A: So one is sitting, one is just rolled onto his back and the other is looking at you. Go inside your body and describe how you feel in this moment. Pausing the scene…

M: I feel that I'm in a bad place but I'm not afraid. I think I need to figure out what to say to the wolf that is standing... That's the lead one. And I can say it with my mind and she will hear me.

A: And so what do you say through your mind to this wolf that is standing?

M: You need to let me pass. I need to make it to the tree. You got between me and the tree and you went too fast. You know that I belong here too.

A: And now from the wolf's mind...respond. What does the wolf say?

M: You're in danger. You don't belong here. Don't worry about these other two, it's me you've got to tangle with. And I can take you down by myself... And I want to. This is my territory. You are not going to make it to the tree.

A: I can take you down if I want to... And you aren't going to make it to the tree. And now in your mind's eye respond as Megan… what does Megan say to this wolf?

M: I'm running now... I'm not saying anything. I’ve just locked eyes with this wolf and I'm running… and yelling… and I see fear in her eyes. I had a hunch that she's not what she thinks she is. And, so, I'm running towards her. I'm getting closer. She's not moving but she's scared. It's a distance of 100 yards. I'm running... There's rocks in red sand. I'm wearing tennis shoes. The sun is about to set and I can smell the heat off the red sand. And I'm getting close to her and she's standing like a cat with her back arched. I think that looks very strange for a wolf but I'm still running and I'm yelling. I am yelling. The other two are looking at me finally and they are puzzled. They don't know what to do because they see their leader arching like a cat... Scared. I am very close...20 yards away. The female turns into a cat. A small white cat… and she's kind of scruffy. And she is hissing at me and I'm getting closer and her eyes are now black because her pupils are really big. And I know I will just race past them. So, I'm right on them and I pass by all three of them and just tap them on their heads. I continue to run I make it to the tree over a little rise. It's a dead snag... but it's beautiful it’s...and I can climb it easily. And so, I climb up it and they are gone, all three of them are gone. I don't see them anymore.