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Helping Monks And Dying People With Laughter Tincture And Bee Stings.

In this session, my client wishes to explore a dream in which she played a role in saving and healing people. She remembers that she was hit by a cow and that there were three monks and three mountains. And although she does not have a brother in this lifetime her subconscious mind reveals to her a brother from a previous lifetime and the key role he played in that life with her.

A: And now this light will guide you to a dream in which you wish to explore a lifetime assisting monks and so now with each count I want you to move closer and closer to this dream I will begin with the number five and on number one, you will enter this dream. Calling upon the dream now, the dream which you were asked to heal people. There are monks around, five, four, getting closer and closer this the monastery, three closer to this tiled roof, there's tar under the roof, two so close now so close, you're here to help, to gain some clarity and insight, two getting really, close to the roof of this monastery, one (sound of fingers snapping) be there now.

M: They're burning charcoal, I can smell it, they’re making charcoal.

A: They’re making charcoal.

M: There are sticks everywhere. It's from a fire wildfire, a wildfire, they’ve gathered all these sticks and they're burning the sticks to make charcoal.

A: What are they using the charcoal for, what is the purpose for them making charcoal?

M: I have to go inside, I don't, I don't see what they're using it for.

A: Okay, so let’s move inside, understanding the purpose of this charcoal.

M: I'm in the kitchen now.

A: You’re in the kitchen.

M: And it’s really old-fashioned stoves, they’re round, like enamel.

A: Round, enamel. Are you alone or are you with someone here?

M: The kitchen is filled with cooks.

A: The kitchen is filled with cooks. What are they wearing? Describe who these cooks are.

M: They are wearing white. They aren’t monks.

A: They’re cooks.

M: But they are, they’re Asians, they’re not Chinese, but they’re Asian.

A: They’re not Chinese, they’re Asian, they're cooks. And so what are they using the charcoal for?

M: They’re bringing the charcoal into, they’re using it in the enamel ovens.

A: They’re using it in the enamel ovens. What are you wearing, who are you in this scene? Look down, describe what you’re wearing.

M: Ahh, my hair is really long, it’s blonde and it’s curly, it’s very long, it’s blonde and it’s hanging loose in front of me. I’m wearing a long tunic. I’m not working, I’m just observing what’s going on.

A: Wearing a long tunic, with long blonde hair, observing what is going on. What is your role here?

M: I’m staff.

A: You’re staff.

M: It’s in my left hand... I've made this staff.

A: You’ve made this staff.

M: And it's got a beehive on top of it and there’s...bees coming out of it. A: There’s a beehive and there's bees coming out. What do you do with these bees? What is your purpose with the staff in these bees? M: I can't see that yet but they're, they're going to the, they're flying to the cooks and they're not bothering the cooks they're just landing on them. And they're giving them, they're giving them energy. A: They're giving the cooks energy. M: Ahhh, they're just..they're using their stingers to put energy into them. A: They’re using them to put energy into them. What are the cooks using the stinger of these bees the venom and their energy for? What is the purpose of the sting and energy? M: It’’s stamina! It’s to keep them going through long days. A: It’s to keep them going through long days. Why do these cooks need the stamina to keep them going through long days? M: Ahh, there’s a lot of people to feed. A: There’s a lot of people to feed. So now let’s move to those people. Three, two, one (sound of fingers snapping) M: I'm in a big room. It's made’s got light coming from the ceiling, like skylights but it's made of wood. And it's got long tables and there's monks with brown hoods, all up and down the tables, hundreds of them, hundreds. A: Hundreds of monks sitting at the tables up and down. M: No one's eating, they're just talking and I'm walking up one of the aisles towards the other side of the room but it's so long it's huge, this room. A: No monks are eating, you are walking down the aisle, it’s huge. What are you doing here when you reach the end of this room, this long huge room? M: Something there I can't see’s important, there's something there I'm not sure what it is; it's big. There's a bunch of people around...they're monks and they’re talking rapidly. A: Talking rapidly. M: They're very excited about whatever this is. It's very large. I'm seeing only part of it. I only see part of it. It's like, it's a sculpture it's got little, I just see some ornate design on. A: It’s a sculpture, you see some ornate design on it, what's its purpose, what is being done with it. M: There's some sort of energy coming from this sculpture. It's pink energy- pink. A: Pink energy coming from sculpture, what’s its purpose. M: It's not good- it's from, it's from, it's not from a good place, it's hurting the monks. A: Not from a good place, it's hurting the monks. M: They don't know that though. A: They don't know it. M: I'm the only one who knows that it's bad. A: You're the only one that knows that it's bad, so what do you do with this knowledge? M: I'm whispering to my bees to go inside the sculpture and look at it. A: Whispering to your bees to go inside the sculpture, looking at it. M: And some of the bees are coming back and they're scared, they said the sculpture is killing bees. A: They’re scared. This sculpture is killing. What do you do with this knowledge? M: I need another strategy. (Pause) I need to go somewhere else. A: You need to go somewhere else. Three, two, getting close to that place, one (finger snap sound heard) be there now. M: I'm on a mountain. Ahh...I'm on top of the monastery. A: You’re on top of the monastery on a mountain. M: And there’s, there’s a guy that’s from my work, Van, and he’s putting tar on the roof and it’s in these blocks and it’s very messy, he’s smoothing...he and some other people are smoothing the tar on the flat roof. A: Smoothing the tar, Van, and some other people, on the roof. M: They're not monks. A: They’re not monks. M: Ahhh, there’s a room behind me and they're yelling for me now. A: What's happening, why are they yelling? M: People are dying, they need...they want me to help them, so I'm running right now towards it. A: Running right now, people are dying, they need your help. What are you running towards? M: This’s on top of the I have to go through it...there’s lots of debris all over the place so I'm running around it, trying to get to it, the room where these sick people are. I’m in the room now. A: What do you see? M: (Laughter) There are people on yoga mats. And they’re laying... and stretching on yoga mats. A: People lying and stretching on yoga mats. M: This man, he's not a monk either. He's telling me that I have to use my medicine on these people so they don't die. A: You’re being told to use your medicine on these people so they don’t die. What do you do? M: I am the only one who knows that I don't know how to do this. But I, I'm going to do this anyway. So I have a, in my... it’s inside my tunic I take out a little bottle of tincture and there's two people, sitting across each other on their yoga mat. It's daytime; there's windows all around so the light is really good, so I tell the one lady, she's got brown hair, she’s very tall just sitting down, so I say okay, open up the bottom of your...let me see your tongue and then I put... five drops of that tincture on her tongue, and the other opens up her mouth, so I put five drops on her tongue and they both start hysterically laughing. A: They start laughing hysterically. M: And the guy that is trying to save them he's like, oh, thank you, thank you, so much. The tincture is, really dark, dark brown- very syrupy. A: Dark brown, very syrupy...get close, what are the ingredients that are in this tincture that is creating this laughter that is helping these people preventing them from dying? M: It's got something that's pink, it's written in pink. There's lavender. It starts with a Q - the pink thing starts with a Q. A: Starts with a Q and has lavender. M: There’s Zanziber. A: Zanziber. M: Zanziber. (Pause) The bottom has an orange name on it. It’s like a circle. A: It has an orange name, it’s like a circle. Get close, what is this name? M: It starts with a T...TOSE, tose. (Tooze) A: Tose. Okay, so let's move to what is taking place with these five drops. M: Ah, some of it is honey. A: Some of it is honey and is, why it’s so syrupy. (Pause) Why is laughter key and important in the healing? M: It makes you see how absurd all of this is. It opens your eyes. A: It makes you see how absurd this all is and it makes you open your eyes. What happens when the eyes are open? M: The ladies before...I put the drops on their tongues, they had half-open eyes, when they started laughing their eyes opened wide, what happens. I am going into their thought. One with the brown hair. It, it does different things for different people. The one with the brown hair she's, she's a mother and she doesn't have enough money to help her children. But now she doesn't care because she sees. She sees she sees, she’s ok. She sees now. The tincture gives her the ability to see. (Pause) She's seeing a light, she's seeing a light. (Pause) She’s seeing a light that's coming from inside herself. It's peace, it's her peace. This tincture brings laughter, it brings peace. A: It brings peace, it brings laughter and she is seeing and feeling the peace within her. Getting in touch with that inner peace. M: People aren't dying, that guy said they're dying, they are not dying. They’re just sad. A: They’re not dying. Why are they sad? M: I see there’s a cloud around them, around their heads, like a small rain cloud around their heads. (Pause) And they can't see. There's no light. Nobody can see this cloud but me. A: There's a small rain cloud around their heads, nobody can see it but you. And so what’s happening now? M: I'm releasing the bees into the room, to do a reconnaissance. A: Releasing those bees into the room to do a reconnaissance. M: A couple of them come back and there's three of them and they say they could sting and put the energy into them, without the tincture. A: Put the energy into them. M: I tell them to do it, go ahead. As they’re flying up, to the people, the rain cloud, they’re flying into the rain cloud, and the cloud is going away from their wings. The cloud doesn't like them. A: The cloud doesn't like them. M: They're stinging on top of their heads. The very top. A: So what happens after they sting the top of their heads, what's happening to these people? M: It's different than the tincture, there’s this umm...sun, there's a little sun coming out of their heads and the rain cloud is going away. And the sun is going around their heads. And they're laughing and they're trying to catch the sun and other people are trying to mess with other people's suns and... it's quite a (laughter) a scene of people laughing and with little suns going around their heads. A: It’s quite a scene with people laughing and little suns going around their heads. How do you feel in this moment witnessing this? M: I feel relieved! The man, I feel relieved but I don't know, I’m a little confused. I don't know how to explain to the man...who thought everybody died what's actually happening he can't see. He can't see what's going on only the people who are...stung by the bees and have the tincture. A: He can't see what is going on, only those who’ve been stung by the bees and have the tincture. What is your relationship to this man who cannot see? M: He's very kind, well-meaning. (Pause) I want to offer him...this thing but I don't know if he'll accept it. A: Let’s move to that scene, where you offer that thing. Three, two, one. M: You’ll understand if you...if you allow my bees to sting you. A: You’d understand if you allow my bees to sting you. Switch; what does he say in response? M: “I know this is very strange, it’s, really freaky to see these people... like this. I don’t, I think I just need to leave”. A: It’s really, freaky to see these people like this. I think I just need to leave. Switch now, what does M say in response? M: “Come back!” he’s running away. “Come back here, please, for a moment- just wait!” A: Come back here please, for a moment- just wait. Switch what does he say? M: He’s stopping. “Are you a witch”? A: Are you a witch? Switch what do you say? M: ”No, but I have some powers that other people don't”. A: You have some powers that other people don’t. What does he say in response? M: “I actually really need your help, I thought, I thought everyone was dead. I really do need your help.” A: I need your help. I thought it. I thought everyone was dead. I really do need your help. What do you say in response? M: Let me give you that sting from one of my bees, you won't regret it.” A: Let me give you that sting from one of my bees, you won’t regret it. Switch what does he say in response? M: “I’m a little worried, I’ll go crazy, like those people they’re going crazy." A: I’m worried I’ll go crazy. Switch, what do you say in response. M: “I can’t guarantee how you're going to react, it’s not my responsibility.” A: I can’t guarantee how you're going to react, it’s not my responsibility. Switch, what does he say in response? M: “Are you going to hurt me?” A: Switch, what do you say? M: “No. It's not about that at all, it’s about opening up a door that you have closed.” A: No, it’s not about that at all, it’s about opening up a door that you have closed. Switch, what does he say in response? M: “Okay, let’s do it.” A: Okay, let’s do it. So see yourself giving him that sting. Describe what you see is happening. M: He...he is becoming an old man. But very strong, he's an old, wise man. And he has a staff now. A: He's becoming an old wise man and he has a staff now. M: His staff has a butterfly. A: His staff has a butterfly. Is there anything you wish to say to him? M: “See I told you... I'm not responsible for what happens, it's up to you- this is who you are, I don't make you that, I just open you up to it." A: What is he saying in response? M: “I'm amazed and grateful. I never thought... I would be a healer like this. This is who I am, I'm like you." A: I'm amazed and grateful I never thought I would be a healer like you are. Is there anything you like to say in response to this? M: I'm just smiling at him. A: And so is there anything else to explore in this time to gain insights, clarity? M: There’s only one more thing to do. A: Only one more thing to do. Move to that thing, three, two, one. (sound of fingers snapping) M: I'm in front of the sculpture, with my new healer friend now, right now. He is looking at me and we're talking through mental telepathy. We're not talking out loud so other people can't hear us. (Pause) And I tell him he has to use the butterfly; the bees don't work to break the statue. A: He has to use the butterflies to break the statue. M: He's afraid, he's saying the butterfly will die. A: He’s afraid the butterfly will die. What do you say in response? M: I know, it will but it’s the only thing that will work. A: It will, but it’s the only thing that will work. M: Okay, the butterfly just destroyed...the statue. It just crumbled into dust when it touched it with its wings. And the butterfly just crumbled too. A: The statue and butterfly have just crumbled into dust. M: And now my healer friend... just, he's a young man again. A: He's a young man again. M: He’s very strong and...he’s not a monk...he’s wearing a white shirt and some like black linen pants and he's looking at me going...what happened? A: And what do you say in response? M: You were just reversed. (Pause) You're in charge now. I'm done here. A: You were just reversed, you’re in charge now. I’m done here. What does he say in response? M: I know you're done. I’m very grateful. I will miss you though. A: I know you're done. I will miss you though. What do you say in response? M: Just talk to me, I'll be able to talk to you. A: Just talk to me, I’ll be able to talk to you. Switch what does he say in response? M: You should leave...before everyone sees you. It's time for you to go. I don't want you to get caught up in what I have to deal with. A: I don't want you to get caught up in what I have to deal with. What do you say in response to this? M: You got it. A: You got it. M: Thank you very much. A: Thank you very much. And so now it's time to bid farewell unless there's anything to explore here? M: No, that's good, I'm done. A: But before you go...what is your relationship with this man who is this man to you? M: (Pause) Can't see it. But we know each other. Ahhh, there's a cow, the cow! We were on a farm together. The cow is black and white. He was my brother. A: He was your brother and you were on a farm together with a cow M: I just see the barn burning. (Pause) And that was the end of...our life together. A: You see the barn burning and this is the end of your life together. Knowing that he is your brother is there anything you wish to say to him before we close this scene? M: “I miss you, but I’m glad to have seen you again. I’m glad that you saw the light and I’ll see you another time.” A: I miss you. I’m glad that you saw the light and I'll see you another time. A: And so go ahead and bid each other farewell, knowing that you’ll see each other again. And now it is time to return to your present self and time. Knowing that you can bring back with you all the downloads received in this session with all the insights and clarity to assist you from this point on in gaining clarity into this lifetime and your life's purpose and journey. I will count you from one to five and on five you'll open your eyes feeling relaxed and energized. One, two bringing back with you the downloads, three becoming aware of the room that you are in, four begin to move your toes and your fingers five (sound of fingers snapping) five open your eyes when you are ready.

Conversation upon awakening. M: “Hey!” (laughter)

A: “How do you feel?" M: “That was intense! I didn't expect the dream to be that. I did not expect to find that.” A: “What did you not expect to find in the dream?" M: “The brother! I had no idea that that was who that man was, that was talking to me.” A: “And how does it feel to have met your brother?”

M: ”Great! I feel like there's been multiple times that he's been in my life, multiple lifetimes. I think someone died, I'm actually not sure but there was a barn-burning and someone died. I don't know if it's me or him, but, umm yeah. And you know the whole scene where everybody, like the sun, is coming out of their head and it's circling around their head like that?” (circular motion around her head) A: “Yeah.” M: “It’s crazy! It was such a beautiful scene with these people and they're laughing hysterically and this sun is going around each person’s head. People are trying to bat the little sun away from the other person and that's so cool! I promise you I've never thought of that ever in my life!” (laughter) A: “I believe you, I believe you, and I believe that that was cool for you to be in witnessing that." M: "Oh yeah that was insane! It was one of the most amazing visions...that I've had. Thank you, Anastasia, for doing these sessions with me, it’s like, they're intense, but there's something there. But the, and then the staff with the beehive on top, too, and the bees would come and talk to me and then I'd send them off." A: “That’s so beautiful!” M: “Really pretty.”

A: “I was right there with you, and I wasn’t you but what beautiful glorious vision to be communicating with that level of intelligence and sweetness, oh my God!” M: “And the fact that I knew what needed to be done like, I had to problem-solve like you know, my bees are dying, I can't let that happen, it's not going to work anyway, what do I do? And then you just took me to that other place and that’s where it's like, that's where exactly I needed to go, you know, but you knew I need to get away from that sculpture. And that sculpture was controlling the monks, I didn't quite say that, I don't know if I said that, but it was controlling.” A: “Interesting.” M: “And not in a good way and I still don't know where the energy came from.”

A: “Well you can always go back in and explore that dream just to find out where that pink energy was coming from. I do think that though it was interesting that in your tincture that pink energy came up again and then it was called zinziber and then tose which was orange and then honey which created the syrupy part.” M: “Right. And there's lavender and something that started with q, I don't know what it was but I couldn't. I couldn't read it."

A: “Oh yeah and then something that started with the letter q. Okay, I'm going to add that to the list, I want to look up zinziber”. M: “I think that's ginger.” A: “Oh yeah, yeah, ginger. Pink statue was not good.” M: “The statue, by the way, it was stone and it had these little ornate, little round, like pearls and it was sort of this bluish stone but it had a pink energy out of it. Strange, it was very strange.” A: ”Yeah, I think that that is just such a beautiful imagery of you with a staff of bees as your weapons but not weapons, but of profound; and then your brother at the end with the butterfly”.

To listen to audio recording click on link below.

This post is made possible with the permission of the client. All rights reserved.

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