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Helping Monks And Dying People With Laughter Tincture And Bee Stings.

In this session, my client wishes to explore a dream in which she played a role in saving and healing people. She remembers that she was hit by a cow and that there were three monks and three mountains. And although she does not have a brother in this lifetime her subconscious mind reveals to her a brother from a previous lifetime and the key role he played in that life with her.

A: And now this light will guide you to a dream in which you wish to explore a lifetime assisting monks and so now with each count I want you to move closer and closer to this dream I will begin with the number five and on number one, you will enter this dream. Calling upon the dream now, the dream which you were asked to heal people. There are monks around, five, four, getting closer and closer this the monastery, three closer to this tiled roof, there's tar under the roof, two so close now so close, you're here to help, to gain some clarity and insight, two getting really, close to the roof of this monastery, one (sound of fingers snapping) be there now.

M: They're burning charcoal, I can smell it, they’re making charcoal.

A: They’re making charcoal.

M: There are sticks everywhere. It's from a fire wildfire, a wildfire, they’ve gathered all these sticks and they're burning the sticks to make charcoal.

A: What are they using the charcoal for, what is the purpose for them making charcoal?

M: I have to go inside, I don't, I don't see what they're using it for.

A: Okay, so let’s move inside, understanding the purpose of this charcoal.

M: I'm in the kitchen now.

A: You’re in the kitchen.

M: And it’s really old-fashioned stoves, they’re round, like enamel.

A: Round, enamel. Are you alone or are you with someone here?

M: The kitchen is filled with cooks.

A: The kitchen is filled with cooks. What are they wearing? Describe who these cooks are.