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Wild Path

Anastasia Emmons has a true gift!
Extreme deftness in her guidance through the hypnosis process, gentleness and understanding in her tone and demeanor, and possession of an intuitively empathetic sense for leading you through your journey to reach a deeper understanding.
Anastasia has an incredibly graceful, caring, and personable dedication in her work.  I felt fully supported with her as my guide and was able to come to so many epiphanies that I surprised even myself.
I absolutely recommend Anastasia Emmon’s unique talent for Hypnotherapy to any who is seeking to really do some deep, positive, and tangible life-changing work, whatever the issue may be.  V.  Livingstone, Los Angeles

Anastasia has a very peaceful, beautiful, and trusting energy about her. At first, I was a little nervous about being hypnotized but that went away very quickly when I met her. She softly and kindly helped me to relax from the stressful day that I had. She helped me recall a really beautiful memory of my sister that helped me realize just how much I missed her and how much I needed to reach out to her. There was an unfolding that happened after our first session that led to me really focusing on what was important. I highly recommend Anastasia especially to those who are nervous about hypnotherapy. I left feeling relaxed and clear. I made more progress in my one session with Anastasia than I did in my many "normal" talk sessions. Thank you for doing what you do! You are a gift to this world and much needed. 
Marina Pirkle Austin, Texas

Wow, that was a deeply healing and moving experience! Anastasia's loving and compassionate guidance and presence gave me courage within the hypnotic state. The experience was deep, gentle, and transformative. I was impressed with the detail and time she put into my sessions. She made certain I was fully integrated before finishing, despite going over time. She helped me tap into information within me, in a profound way. It was amazing for me, and so helpful.  Adrienne H, Sebastopol, California

Anastasia has a deep sense of empathy that allowed me to relax and fully experience the powerful events of my first session in a comfortable, safe atmosphere.  She a wise and gentle guide; she helped me to navigate complex emotions that arose.  I definitely recommend Anastasia for hypnotherapy.  Maggie. S, Albany, CA

Anastasia's healing space, first of all, was very magical with freshwater springs and beautiful rock formations, in a little cabin with a strong feeling of nature. The session for me went very deep, she took me to a very young place in my childhood and led me through guided parts work where I had access to information in my subconscious I didn't realize was there, then after got to enjoy the peaceful feel of the land. Anastasia was very sweet, open-minded, and welcoming, I recommend her.  Alex. G, Sebastopol, California

Lovely experience with Anastasia. The land where sessions take place is worth a visit alone and I felt aided in the process of going inward, feeling safe and held in nature. Anastasia is gentle, very kind, passionate, and dedicated to this work. I was surprised and delighted by where the sessions took me. I revisited two memories I'd long ago forgotten about and was able to find peace and resolution with them and have been watching as life around and in me is shifting! For the better!
Hypnotherapy can be a very potent medicine indeed.
Elizabeth M, Sebastopol, California

I so enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Anastasia. I am already getting results, I'm not craving second helpings and am much more relaxed. Diane Harris, California

Anastasia, thank you for all you've done to help me. I had two goals, weight loss and lowering my stress levels.
So far I've lost a few pounds, but you've really helped me lower my stress levels so much that my latest BP is 121/68
and my pulse is down to 75. You're the BEST!!! THANK YOU!! Scott, P, Freemont, CA

Anastasia is highly skilled, powerfully empathetic, and so sincere, each session with her has been a gift.
In 12 sessions, my personal growth, healing, and evolution have come farther than what I've been able to achieve in the last 20+ years doing counseling, therapy, and everything else I thought to try.
I was suffering from PTSD after a long history of emotionally abusive relationships when I started working with Anastasia. I hadn't slept through the night in over 10 years, I woke with terrors and night sweats, my digestion was compromised, I was losing weight. I was in a constant state of brain fog, and my self-talk was full of criticisms and negativity. I relied on various addictions to distract me from the depression and anxiety I always felt.
My work with her has brought about positive , affirming self-talk. I now sleep through the night rather than waking with terrors. When I wake up, my first thought is "I love you!" rather than launching directly into worries and planning. My digestion is better, my weight has stabilized, my skin glows. I get compliments on how healthy I look all the time now.
I am so much more resilient. Life still throws curve balls my way, but I recover much faster and always seem to use the upset for even more growth and healing.
When I work with Anastasia, I feel safe. With her, I've learned how to relate to my feelings and my hurt parts in a way that is never scary but always feels fully supported. After my sessions, I usually feel incredibly clean, clear, and energized. For days after things 'click' into place and I feel that I am finally understanding at deep levels things I have been struggling with for years. Synchronicities keep happening. Life feels magical and I'm infused with gratitude rather than fears and worry.
My relationship with others is evolving. People who no longer serve me are gradually, peacefully fading out of the picture, and new people, loving, supportive, caring people are entering in and showing up in such delightful surprising ways.
I admit I was skeptical of hypnotherapy when I started, and I still don't fully understand how it works. All I know is that after decades of doing hard, painful work in therapists and councilors' offices, I'm finally making incredible progress on my path, and all from the comfort of my own comfy bed!
I am grateful to have found Anastasia. Our work together has been so impactful, I continue to see the benefits as they ripple out through my life and the lives of all those around me. Nancy Stott, Canada

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