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Paint By Numbers Pain Reduction

November 22, 2020

My client M's goal in this session was to reduce some body pain. Here is what happend.

A: The glass elevator doors open, step into your beautiful library. Notice if this library looks the same. And if anything has shifted, what might it be? (Pause) Take in the smells here today in your library, remembering that only you have access to the library. (Pause) And that every book you see on this shelf is a story, a scene, a memory that you have experienced (Pause) Every book you see here is a lesson that you have learned. You have come to this library to work on reducing the pain that you are currently feeling in your body. (Pause) There is a book now that has caught your attention and this book will disclose exactly what is going on in your body. So when you're ready, go ahead and walk over to this book. (Pause) See the title, "Pain Reduction". If you wish you can take this book now to your comfortable chair. When you reach the chair, go ahead and sit down and open the book. And on the page there in your own handwriting is the location of the pain in your body as well as the steps and procedures that you need to do and take to reduce the pain in these areas. (Pause) And when you're ready, go ahead and describe what you see there on the page or read what you see on the page.

M: I see...I see my muscles. They're drawn...right up on my hip. And they're, they're blue. They're bruised. I can see inside -it's a drawing of the muscles that are bruised.

A: So you can see this bruised-right above the hip-blue muscle.

M: And there's something sticky on the page. It's orange. It's's healing energy. It's's a gel. Oh,'s paint by numbers. Oh, that's the paint. So I have to take that and paint that gel on the muscles

A: On the muscles.

M: So I'm painting them right now I have a brush, just doing a little bit because the brush is small. As I'm painting it on there, they're turning pink, the muscles are turning pink.

A: The muscles are turning pink with this little brush that you're using.

M: It's actually a cutout. So I can take- I'm not done painting- but as soon as I'm done painting part of the cut out, the's like coming out of the page as a separate piece of paper. So I'm painting the whole thing now. And now it just popped up. So it's come out of the page, I have to take that now and put it on my back over my muscles.

A: Taking that pop up off the page and putting it on your back muscles.

M: I'm sitting in a really comfortable chair by a fire. So I'm leaning forward and putting it on my back with my left hand and it's sticking because the gel's very sticky. It's a very strange book. When the paper popped up, the image of the muscles go all the way through the book to the last page. So all the pages were layers of this painted pop up that I'm putting on my back. It's really weird. I'm flipping through the pages. And there's nothing written on these pages. But, on each page, there's a little bit of that sticky gel. Somehow the book is telling me that when I close the book, the paper will grow back and I can use it again.

A: Go back and you can use this again.

M: I just need to imagine and think about what's hurting and it will be on the page.

A: So let's do this again. Opening up the book. Perhaps the pages have grown back now. You can use any more pages if you need to. Going inside your body; what appears on the book now?

M: It's a small muscle in my chest. Another one. It's in my left chest. It's like right near my breastbone. And it feels tight.

A: Chest feels tight.

M: So I'm gonna get that brush again. I'm not sure where the brush came from, it just was in my hand. But I see the sticky gel and I'm painting that on the muscle, it's a very thin part of a muscle, it's not the whole muscle.

A: It's a very thin part of the muscle right now.

M: Interestingly, it's turning green when I'm painting it. It was blue like the other muscles but it's green when I painted...Oh, it's part of a chakra.

A: Part of a chakra.

M: It's not the muscle- I have to heal the chakra. That's what it is. Oh, interesting. I'm doing the same thing though. I'm finishing painting. It's popping out of the book.

I'm laying it on that slender muscle.

A: You are laying it on the muscle.

M: But, I know I have to heal that chakra; nothing else will…(Pause)

A: You have to heal that chakra.

M: Nothing else will do. I have to get that done or the healing isn't complete.

A: Let's move on to your Control Center now. Your control room. You have all those dials and buttons and switches and a monitor. Everything at your disposal: paints and brushes, tinctures, essential oils, all in the control center room. You have access to all parts of your body and chakras.

M: I'm gonna use a wrench -I have to use a wrench. It stopped moving. The chakra is still, it needs to move, it needs to go around. So I'm taking the wrench right now and putting it on the chakra.

A: Putting the wrench on the chakra - t needs to move.

M: And it's really tight. It's a huge, huge wrench. A pipe wrench. Very heavy. I need to use some lavender on it.

A: You need to use lavender on this heavy wrench.

M: So I'm dropping lavender oil on it and blowing air on it. And that's starting air to flow. Now the wrench is moving -really spinning.

A: Very good -spinning around.

M: Now it's going and the paper I put on that muscle, it turned pink, not green. As soon as I did that.

A: Turned pink as soon as you did that.

M: That's what I needed to do- it wasn't that hard.

M: I feel great now.

A: Now you are doing a body scan here in your control center room, tracking all parts of your body. From head to toe. Let's go over to the lower left side, right above the hip to the spine, just check that area. Describe if you see anything if you feel anything.

Mt: It feels like a tiny...when I'm touching it, it feels like tiny...porcupine quills...I saw these same porcupine quills when the light was in my third eye. It felt spiky. And it feels spiky. Over there but not it's' do I put it. It was like it was cut off of blood and now blood is coming in and it's like spiky, it's healing.

A: So it's spiky and it's healing-the blood is coming in.

M: I see all the blood coming in and feeling it nourishing it, that muscle.

A: See all the blood coming in, nourishing that muscle.

M: I see a lollipop. One of those big ones that are like a spiral with lots of colors. It's like right in the center of my body. It's like a happiness. It's happiness.

A: Colorful lollipop in the center of your body representing happiness. Feeling this happiness.

M: This is a gift, my higher self gave it to me. It's very, very kind and sweet. And funny.

A: Is she saying anything?

M: No, she's just smiling and laughing.

A: And laughing.

M: Yeah, that was really nice.

A: Colorful lollipop representing happiness. All right continuing to scan your body from head to toe. Are there other areas that you're noticing might need some assistance?

M: I think I'm good. I feel good.

A: Just focusing now on that lollipop, that really beautiful colorful lollipop and the symbolic meaning behind it, feeling that happiness. Visualizing every cell in your body, all 50 trillion cells affected by this gift filling each cell with happiness- all vibrating and sending out that happiness to every part of your body. This vessel, this miraculous vessel, that you have chosen in order for your soul to evolve. Remembering from this moment on this gift and this tool to be applied to this vessel, to this body, in order to send out these feelings of this vibration and feeling of happiness. Just remember to visualize that gift, that colorful lollipop in the center. (Pause) So now it is time to return to your present self and time bringing back with you all the tools and techniques gained in the session, bidding farewell to your higher self knowing that you can access her whenever you want that she is here with you always. Remembering that you have the ability to heal your body, your muscles, your chakras, anything else that needs healing. So I will count you from one to five and on five you'll open your eyes feeling completely energized and rejuvenated. One, two (bringing back with you all the tools and the techniques gained here in this session) three (returning to the room, becoming aware of your surroundings) four (return to your body and begin to move your toes and your fingers) and five, when you're ready open your eyes. Welcome back!

M: It's actually a cutout. So I can take- I'm not done painting- but as soon as I'm done painting part of the cutout, the's like coming out of the page as a separate piece of paper. So I'm painting the whole thing now. And now it just popped up. So it's come out of the page, I have to take that now and put it on my back over my muscles.

This post has been made possible with the consent of my client. All rights reserved.

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