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Light Beings

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

May 2020

At the time of this session, the Covid-19 epidemic had hit the nation and lockdowns had been ordered for many states and places in the world. And because of this my client Nancy as well as many others in the world were and still are experiencing feelings of stress and uncertainty about the future. Nancy wanted answers and more than anything a desire to feel grounded again. In this session, she learns something new and powerful about herself and is reminded of how to ground herself, creating a sense of security and wellness.

I began this session like all my sessions with a relaxation and deepening technique that allows one to bypass the conscious (thinking) mind and work directly with the subconscious mind. This is what happened.

A: I will count from three to one, one, two, three (Snap) Be there now. (Pause) Are you inside or are you outside?

N: Outside.

A: You’re outside. Are you alone? Or are you with someone?

N: I’m walking away from Robert. I just broke up with him.

A: You are walking away from Robert, you just broke up with him. What’s happening in this scene?

N: We’re outside his apartment and I just broke up with him. And I’m walking to my car and I know I’m doing the right thing.

A: I want you to go inside your body right now in this scene at this moment in which you are walking away from Robert and walking to your car and I want you to describe, what is happening at this moment in your body?

N: I feel clear and like nothing is stuck, and there’s energy moving through the big tube that runs up and down my spine, and there’s lots of it. It’s moving quickly and with flow and it feels good.

A: You feel clear, and there’s energy running through this tube up and down your spine and it feels clear, it feels good. Do you see a color for this energy in this tube running up and down your spine?

N: It’s light blue.

A: Light blue.

N: And I feel. I feel strong, and well connected to the ground. Like I’m very rooted.

A: Let’s go to that. Let's go to that rooting. Describe that rooting sense that you have in this moment in this scene, while connected.

N: It’s like a cord of energy that connects to my root chakra. And it’s fun because it moves right through the concrete and pipes of the city, it moves through all of that as I walk.

A: It’s like a cord of energy that Is connecting you. And it’s cool because it moves through the ground and all the pipes and the city as you walk. Where does this cord go if you follow it?

N: To the center of the Earth.

A: To the center of the Earth. And here you are walking in this scene, completely connected, rooted by this cord, with this light blue light that is running through you, through your spine, through this tube, in this powerful moment. Fully integrating and embodying this moment. 

And now, let’s move to another scene, the very first scene that appears on the monitor in the time capsule for Nancy. Asking the subconscious mind to reveal anything that will shed light on her lifetime, that will assist her in this great crossroad that she is at, that we are all in. Bringing up a scene that will assist her. I’m going to count you from three to one and on one see what’s on the monitor. Three, two, one. (Snap) Be there now. Are you inside? Or are you outside?

N: I’m outside

A: Outside. Are you alone or are you with someone?

N: I’m walking on the beach. And there are three kids with me. I can’t see them, but I know they’re there.

A: You’re on the beach. There are three kids with you. You can’t see them but you know that they’re with you. What’s happening?

N: I’m walking on the beach, and I’m close to home. And, I’m safe and content, and my body is very strong and healthy, and my hair is long, and I’m peaceful, and I’m entirely myself. 

A: You’re walking on the beach, and you’re not far from home, and your hair is long and you’re peaceful and you’re totally yourself at this moment. Going inside your body now. What is it like to be inside your body feeling totally yourself in this moment to be walking down the beach?

N: I feel strong and healthy and like everything is in alignment. And I have a nice clear, soft white energy all around me. 

A: You feel strong, and like everything is in alignment and you feel a soft, clear white energy all around you. Is there anything else to explore in this scene that will serve? Anything else?

N: No.

A: Ok. Let’s close this scene and let's invite the subconscious to reveal another scene that will serve Nancy for her to gain clarity to shed some light in order to assist her in this crossroads in which we are at, in which she is at, in which humanity is at so that we can further the story with a new chapter. A scene from her past. Whatever scene appears on the monitor is the scene you will go with. Three, two, one. Be there now. (Pause) Are you inside or are you outside?

N: I’m outside.

A: Outside. Are you alone? Or are you with someone?

N: I’m…. I don't know. This is not my past. But I’m on a street corner, and I’m alone, but there are other beings there that aren’t people. And, I’m helping… I’m helping people? I… I take someone’s hand, and then suddenly there’s a whole bunch of people that I put my arm all around? They’re not people. And I gather a whole bunch. Like a lot. And I gather them all in my arms. And we walk forward, safely, together, with me as the, like, mom of them all or something.

A: You are on a street corner and you are gathering these light beings into your arms. Describe these light beings that are not human.

N: They feel like kids-in the way that they are smaller, and not knowing, or younger? Or wanting to be led? They feel like they want to be led. And, they’re like wispy…I can’t see them, but I can feel them. And they are each individual. They have edges. Umm, I don’t know. They don’t have faces or feet, but they can move.

A: So they are like children, they want to be led. They’re wispy, and you can feel their edges. Are they? Can you feel..? You can’t see their faces. They don’t have faces? And they’re in your arms. How many would you say there are in your arms in this scene?

N: Fifty?

A: Fifty. So now, what do you do with these fifty wispy light beings that want to be led.. that feel like they want to be led?

N: We step out into the street. We cross the street. I’m navigating traffic. I get us across. And then, and then I don’t know. We join others? We join a big group. We become the group. 

A: So you cross the street with fifty of them in your arms. You navigate through traffic and you get over to the other side where there’s a group, there are more of them, and you become this group. Describe what it is like becoming this group-to become this group.

N: Well, we were the group all along, we were just separated for a minute. It feels like how water must feel to land in the ocean.

A: And how does it feel now to land in the ocean with this group that you were separated but now are back, you were part of it all along?

N: It feels like everything’s connected. Like there is no separation.  It feels neutral. It doesn't? It feels, like, normal. It feels expected.

A: It feels normal, neutral expected. Very good. What else is happening?

N: It’s pink everywhere. It’s pink. 

A: Everywhere is pink.

N: It feels like pink and, and a mix between air and water. 

A: It feels like pink and a mix between air and water.

N: Yah and you can move around with no…moment. Like you can just go from spot to spot with no in-between. 

A: And you can move around with no movement. Just move from spot to spot. Are you on earth in this plain?

N: I don’t know! 

A: How does it feel to be able to just move from one spot to another spot?

N: It’s… it seems like it would be exciting, but really you’re just in the same spot because everything is just the same anyways. It’s all just pink. (breath) it’s all just energy everywhere.

A: It’s all just energy everywhere. Very good. Is there anything more for Natalie to explore in this scene in which she is in this pink like feeling a oneness, part of all the energy? Is there anything else that may serve her in this lifetime that she is living on earth for her to receive and explore in this scene?

N: No.

A: No. Ok. Very good then. We’ll close this scene. And let's move to another scene to shed light, to gain clarity, to gain some insight for Nancy in this crossroad, in this lifetime, in humanity’s lifetime, for her to assist in the writing of the new chapter in this human existence. One in which we invite compassion, love, understanding, coexistence. So we are going to call forward another scene. Whatever scene appears in this time capsule on the monitor we’ll go with. Three, two, one. Be there now. (Snap) Are you inside or are you outside?

N: I don't know. I don't know. I’m giving... I’m giving things to people. I’m giving (Breathes) smiles and energy and money and food and love and I’m giving so many things so fast that I can’t see…and it’s not just tangible things. I just feel that I’m giving everywhere and then those people are giving. And I can see it all connecting like a big giant net of giving.

A: So in this scene, you are giving so much. And it’s not tangible. You know it’s in the form of smiles, money, things, go inside your body, in this scene, in this moment, and describe what is happening for you.

N: I feel happy and light. And like I am light. I feel like light. And it’s clear and flows and connected to above and the earth, it’s like connected to everything. (Breaths.)

A: You feel like a light that is connected below and above you. Does this light have a color? If so, describe the color. Feel its vibration moving through you.

N: It’s just a soft, white light. And the more I give, the bigger and brighter it gets. It’s lovely. It feels really nice. 

A: It’s a soft white light and the more you give the more you get. Very good. Fully integrate into your body this scene, in which you are giving and receiving. And now we will close this scene. Unless there is anything else that will serve Nancy in this great crossroads.

N: No there’s nothing else.

A: Ok. And now you are waking up in the garden, on the bench, looking around you, noticing all the flowers all the vibrant colors. Hearing the birds once again. Stay seated on the bench, we’re going to drop you down just a little bit deeper while you’re in this peaceful garden. I’m going to count you down from three to one and on one I want you just to go inside your body. Three, two, one. (Snap) Inside your body now. See that translucent pyramid, once again, around you this shield. And go to that flower that’s at the top. That beautiful flower and begin to open it just enough, petals opening just enough to receive this light being that is connected to the source, connected to love. And now you are ready, this light being that is here to assist you in this crossroads in writing a new chapter, one of love, one of compassion. Invite this light being to come through those petals into this flower, through the pyramid, and into your body.  Here to assist you for the greater good of you, your soul's evolution, and our species. And from this moment on you will recognize this light being, the two of you will work together in harmony and love. You have the assistance of a powerful, wise guide. Very good. And now, close this flower back up, for the evening. Knowing that at any time you may open the flower for guidance, for assistance, for that which serves only your higher good and evolution and this time period in which you are at, in which humanity is at, to create a new story. And now I will call you back to your present self in time. Counting you forward from one to five and on five you will open your eyes feeling completely refreshed and energized. 

In the weeks that followed this session, Nancy shared with me that she goes on walks to the beach where she practices running light and energy through her body, grounding her to Earth’s core. One day a stranger approached Nancy and shared that she has been watching her throughout the month and is curious to find out what it is that she is doing. Nancy was happy to share with the woman that she runs energy through her body to the core and center of the Earth. Not only did Nancy gain a new friend, but this friend is also now practicing Nancy’s technique and is finding it to serve her in the same way.

This session post has been made possible with the permission of my client. All rights reserved.

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