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Inner Child

May 2020

In this session, my client explores a vivid dream he had the night before. Initially, he had wanted to look at several other things but because this dream had just happened and was still vivid he thought a dream exploration might be the direction to take. As a hypnotherapist it is key to trust a client’s intuition, also dreams are another way the subconscious mind communicates with us and often answers are revealed. When it comes to recurring dreams, it is important to understand or sense what is being communicated as this could be beneficial to you in your “real life”. So in this session, it becomes clear that Jim’s subconscious mind is communicating the importance of caring and not losing track of his inner child.

J: I’m in a field on a road I got out of the car. It's parked oddly across the road I'm, I’m seeing the two boys. I'm seeing in my imagination, I'm alone on the road. I don't know where the young kid is, the other one, I’m, I don't, I'm not concerned right now.

A: So go ahead and see this road that you're seated on and we're standing on an describe the road 

J: It’s sort of paved, it's old, there are ditches on either side of its farmland, it’s flat umm, there's a lot of trees on one side, I guess yeah and the rest is like a country road.

A: Very good look down at your feet and describe what you see.

J: Umm...I’m in jeans, I'm just myself. 

A: Okay so here you are on this old paved road and you're looking for direction of this little boy who's seven or eight.

J: Yeah, he’s in a house somewhere back we passed and I’m there. I'm getting back there.

A: Go ahead and describe the house. 

J: It's like a big family house there's like a courtyard in the middle it's all grass mainly and there are other people there and people that live there I'm looking around for this kid and what is it, it's a weird plant bush or something it's like, it's like is it alive or is it a door to something I can't really quite tell what it is but, I feel that I have to that I'm curious about it that I need to explore it, is it talking to me? is it saying something? it's trying to say something.

A: Get close to this plant, get a little closer.

J: Yeah, it's tall, it's kind of windy,  it's arms are kind of moving around, lighted, some of them are lit. It's growing up, the side of the house, it's been there a long time. I'm still wondering where the boys are at. This plant, yeah, it's kind of cool, it’s Ummm... I feel like it's trying to... I don't know if it will be there for me, or something like that? 

A: It's an old vine it's been there for a long time, it's seen a lot, it knows a lot, it's growing up the side of this old family house and you have a sense that it's there for you or that it's communicating with you.

J: Yeah, now I'm wondering if I’ve seen it before....somewhere? it’s not been the yard, nothings been groomed or taken care of, it's…. which roots?..