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Foods I Can Eat

May 2020

My client Dana is a spiritually aware and wise nine-year-old who experiences pain after eating certain foods. She wants to know what foods she can easily digest.

Children when compared to adults are more connected to their subconscious mind and can quickly access this part of themselves, achieving their goal or goals rapidly.

After a ten-minute interview, I learned that Dana is a visual person who understands the unseen realm and is at home in nature. And so I guided her to a safe and magical forest where her very own treehouse awaited her. After she decorated the treehouse and brought in all her favorite things and pet, she was ready to inquire with her light being friend about foods and recipes that her body can easily digest. This is the conversation that took place.

A: So your light being friend is telling you something like mashed up vegetables is good. Very good. So I’m going to ask your light being friends some questions for Dana

“Dear light being friend of Dana… you’ve just spoken to Dana about mashed up vegetables being something that she can eat. Is there a color to the mashed-up foods or vegetables that you are recommending her to eat? What colors do you see?”

D: There is like a green and like an orangey-brown whitish stuff.

A: Green, orangey-brown, and whitish stuff. Is this green, brown, whitish stuff mashed up stuff sweet, salty, bland?

D: It just tastes like, it just tastes like...I want to eat it.

A: It tastes like you want to eat it…. good, very good. Now, light being friend, what other food would you suggest that Dana eat besides the mashed vegetables, the green, the orange, the white… is there anything else that can see Dana eating that would be soothing to her stomach that would help her grow?

D: I see a pink fruit.

A: You see a pink fruit.

D: Yeah… there is different types and they are pink.

A: There's different types and they’re pink. Can you get closer to this fruit? Maybe cut it open to see what is inside?

D: It kinda looks’s kind of looks like watermelon like a strawberry, raspberry but it’s like, it's not a fruit but it’s kind of like a combination.

A: That sounds Yummy. It's a combination between a watermelon that tastes like a strawberry, raspberry. Very good. And since you are in this treehouse filled with all these magical great things that you like, perhaps you can give Dana this pink fruit and have her taste it and eat it. (Pause) And when you are ready Dana I want you to describe what it tastes like.

D: It tastes... kind of kinda tastes like cotton candy? Except it’s not as sweet as cotton candy. It’s more natural than cotton candy and it’s kind of like, it’s kinda like a little bit crunchy but at the same time as soon as I chewed it, it’s kind of like runny and like...smooth, like smooth?...with seeds?

A: Very good. So it’s a little bit like cotton candy but not as sweet. Smooth… it has seeds and it's a little crunchy…. very good! (Pause) And now I want you to describe as you are eating this tasty pink fruit, how your stomach feels as you eat this.

D: It feels like…. kinda how it used to feel when I ate something. Like it’s being fed enough to be full and it likes what I’m feeding it.

A: So it feels like, it feels like when you eat to be full and that you are feeding it what it likes to be fed. Very good! And let’s move now to the mashed vegetables, you didn’t get to eat that. The mashed vegetables that have green and orange and white… I want you to describe what it tastes like, what that mashed vegetable like food tastes like.

D: It’s like… the texture is like apple sauce. It kind of tastes’s like baby food and it tastes like when I eat something REALLY nutritious. (Pause) Like it's high in all the vitamins I need.

A: Very good. So it tastes like mashed up baby food and it tastes like all the vitamins and nutrition that you need. Go inside your body and FEEL what your stomach feels like to have swallowed this food.

D: (Pause) It feels like... it's getting all of the things it needs to digest better.

A: OK… it's getting all the things to digest better… just like the pink fruit. Very good! And now sitting in your treehouse with your light being. I would like to ask your light being friend who has been here with you ALL along and will continue to be your friend on the many journeys to come; what other suggestions might you make to Dana for her too, for her to digest the food. What suggestions would you have for her to eat and to be healthy?

D: ….There is a bowl of quinoa except inside of it there’s like, there’s broccoli Ummm, there’s broccoli there's little pieces of fried up chicken and it’s kind of like a stir fry. It’s like a stir fry with quinoa except it’s not like the ones that mom’s... just, it’s just without any of the garlic and onions and it doesn’t have the same vegetables. And...and... has this sauce on it made with, like, it’s like... sweet, it’s kind of tastes like… like pickled artichoke and like some carrots.

A: Very good! I want you to eat this now this wonderful dish of quinoa and broccoli that doesn’t have garlic or the onions but it has this sauce kind of like this pickled artichoke and carrot. Go ahead and eat that now. Your light being is presenting this to you as food that is EASILY digestible for Dana in this time. Making sure that she gets all the nutrition and the vitamins allowing her to feel full and allowing her to form beautiful solid poop. Poop she can be proud of.

D: It tastes… it doesn’t have that strong of a taste but it smells delicious. It’s kind of warm and teenie bit creamy except the bits of quinoa are kind of like... chewy and crunchy at the same time and my stomach feels full and like heavy… but not a bad heavy, like a full heavy.

A: Great! It’s delicious smelling and your stomach feels full and heavy but a good kind of heavy. Very good! Are there any suggestions you can make light being friend, any other suggestions that you could recommend that she also do for her health and for her digestion ensuring that she is getting all the nutrients and the vitamins? Is there maybe a drink that you would recommend that she drink?

D: (Quick response) I can’s kind of like a ball of oats except it’s really salty looking. And I know when I’ve had this thing I have a big lack of salt and like I just need more salt. And it’s like a little small dish of these salty things and they have like their oats and they're salty and they have a little bits of chopped up dried fruit in them… like pineapple and raisins and cranberries.

A: Great! So your light being friend is recommending that you have a little bit of salt in the form of chopped up fruit pineapple, raisins, cranberries. You are not getting enough salt… so a little bit of salt. Light being friend is there a...a particular salt that you recommend? Can you see the salt?

D: It’s kind of like...there’s like small teeny very fine salt but then there’s a little bit of that… and then there’s the baking salt and it’s big in terms of salt. There’s bigger chunks of salt and like you get them every so often when you crunch them they like burst with a lot of salt. There is a drink too… and it’s like a really runny smoothie with blueberries and raspberries in it and it’s sweet with dates.

A: Wonderful! So your light being friends are recommending that you have this runny smoothie that is made of raspberries and blueberries and that is sweetened by dates. I want you to drink this smoothie now and describe what it tastes like and how it feels in your body.

D: It tastes like really heavy artificial flavorings of blueberry and raspberry except I now it’s natural and it’s good for me and it kind of runs down my throat and like makes everything easier to digest in my stomach.

A: Very good! And I want you now to just be here in this treehouse with this light being friend of yours that has presented all of these dishes that are good for you where you get your vitamins and your nutrition. I’m going to be silent for a little while you hang out with your light being friend in your treehouse. Maybe you want to play with your light being friend?...maybe you want to continue to talk, maybe you want to explore some more foods. Whatever it is you wish to do with your light being friend, go ahead and do this now.

(long pause)

A: Very good! And now it is time to say goodbye and close this scene. Knowing that you can access this treehouse anytime. Anytime you want or need to talk to your light being friend about the different foods that you wish to eat or can eat, you can come to this treehouse. You know the path you have been down this pathway and you have a map. And so now I’m going to call yourself back to your present self and time… I’m going to count you from one to five and on five you will awaken feeling completely refreshed and full of energy. One, two bringing back with you all of the methods and techniques to heal your body and relax and smooth your guts and heal your stomach. Three… bringing back with you the recipes of all of the foods that you can eat and embodying how it feels to have these good foods in your body…. taking in all of the nutrition and vitamins feeling full and a good kind of heavy. Four… go ahead and wiggle your toes and fingers coming back into your body and five…welcome back!

Her mother is now preparing these recipes and with positive results.

An audio file of this session is attached for your listening.

Please note that the session and audio were recorded through Zoom.

This post is made possible with the permission of my client and her guardian.

All rights reserved.

Audio- Session-Foods I Can Eat
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