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Cutting All Cords

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

August 20, 2020

My client expressed that she was experiencing a lot of anxiety around an ongoing battle between her and her ex concerning custody of their children. Her ex Sam had an ability to continually trigger her in unsettling ways. Because I knew my client to understand the chakra's of the body and to have previously done energy work, I suggested that we work on cord-cutting of any potential energy and cord between her and her ex. Hypnotherapy can be a quick and effective way to remove energy attachments between people. In this session not only was she able to see cords between her and her ex...she was surprised that her mother showed up and that there was an attached mess of tangled cords shared between them. My client was successful in cutting, dissolving, and untangling all cords leaving her with a newfound sense of lightness, joy, and energy. 

N: So, I’ve got Sam, directly in front of me, and then, and then behind him is my mother. And, that’s a shock to me, but it makes a lot of sense. So, they’re both there. And I’ve got… yah.. the cord with Sam is really clear. It’s just, it’s from his second chakra to my second chakra.

(Deep breath) That’s really clear. But my mom’s is more confusing. There’s…. it’s just like she’s got shit coming all over me. It’s definitely second and first chakra, but it's more than that. It's like wrapping around, it’s a tangle. There’s more than one cord. It’s … it’s constricting… it’s … it’s more than just a nice clean cord. 

A: So do you describe this cord between you and your mom. It’s wrapping around her… is it also attached to her second chakra?

N: Yah, so….on her end, it’s going into her body… and… she’s so foggy I can’t even tell.  It’s definitely going to her heart… it probably goes… it goes… let’s say maybe to the first four? But she shoots them out, and the tangle is around me. It’s around me. It’s around… it doesn’t just go in the chakra this way, it comes up from underneath and around my hips and in behind and around this way. It’s all… it’s like she’s made a net.. or a cocoon. But it stops. It's just the first two chakras for me but for her, it’s her first four. 

A: Ok so coming from your mom, they are going to your first and second chakra and going all around you. But when it's coming from you… it’s... where is it coming from to your mom?

N: Her cords that attach to me?

A: No, the cords that attach from you to your mom.

N: Where do they attach to her? I can’t see it.  I feel that it goes to her heart… but I can’t *see* anything in the same way I can see all the rest of it. My moms just like, foggy.

A: OK, so you sense that there’s a cord that goes to your mom's heart, but you can’t see it.

N: Yep.