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Cutting All Cords

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

August 20, 2020

My client expressed that she was experiencing a lot of anxiety around an ongoing battle between her and her ex concerning custody of their children. Her ex Sam had an ability to continually trigger her in unsettling ways. Because I knew my client to understand the chakra's of the body and to have previously done energy work, I suggested that we work on cord-cutting of any potential energy and cord between her and her ex. Hypnotherapy can be a quick and effective way to remove energy attachments between people. In this session not only was she able to see cords between her and her ex...she was surprised that her mother showed up and that there was an attached mess of tangled cords shared between them. My client was successful in cutting, dissolving, and untangling all cords leaving her with a newfound sense of lightness, joy, and energy. 

N: So, I’ve got Sam, directly in front of me, and then, and then behind him is my mother. And, that’s a shock to me, but it makes a lot of sense. So, they’re both there. And I’ve got… yah.. the cord with Sam is really clear. It’s just, it’s from his second chakra to my second chakra.

(Deep breath) That’s really clear. But my mom’s is more confusing. There’s…. it’s just like she’s got shit coming all over me. It’s definitely second and first chakra, but it's more than that. It's like wrapping around, it’s a tangle. There’s more than one cord. It’s … it’s constricting… it’s … it’s more than just a nice clean cord. 

A: So do you describe this cord between you and your mom. It’s wrapping around her… is it also attached to her second chakra?

N: Yah, so….on her end, it’s going into her body… and… she’s so foggy I can’t even tell.  It’s definitely going to her heart… it probably goes… it goes… let’s say maybe to the first four? But she shoots them out, and the tangle is around me. It’s around me. It’s around… it doesn’t just go in the chakra this way, it comes up from underneath and around my hips and in behind and around this way. It’s all… it’s like she’s made a net.. or a cocoon. But it stops. It's just the first two chakras for me but for her, it’s her first four. 

A: Ok so coming from your mom, they are going to your first and second chakra and going all around you. But when it's coming from you… it’s... where is it coming from to your mom?

N: Her cords that attach to me?

A: No, the cords that attach from you to your mom.

N: Where do they attach to her? I can’t see it.  I feel that it goes to her heart… but I can’t *see* anything in the same way I can see all the rest of it. My moms just like, foggy.

A: OK, so you sense that there’s a cord that goes to your mom's heart, but you can’t see it.

N: Yep.

A: Ok. Moving now to Sam, you two are attached by the second and first chakras is that right? 

N: Yep.

A: Very good. So now, standing there before Sam, is there anything that wishes to be said? Here you can express yourself fully to this person. 

N: (Deep breath)

A: You can say or you can do anything here. This is a safe space where you are in full control. Knowing that you have this healing light all around you.

N: Ok, so, there’s the part of me that wants to tell him how much I hate him and how what he’s doing is wrong. But there’s no point to that. There’s no point to that. So… (deep inhale). So... I want to thank him for bringing me to the place that he brought me to where so much change and growth and learning has had to happen. And I want to bless him and set him free. 

A: Go ahead and tell him that, knowing that you are in this protective bubble.

N: Ok.

A: Good. And now, do you wish to hear a response from Sam?

N: (Pause) No.

A: Is there anything you want to do here?

N: So what’s happening is that… mmmm… I can see or feel… that… I don't know. I’m just kind of communicating that I’m done. I’m done with him. I don’t need, or allow, or give permission to his energy in any way at all anymore. And, that my power and my light extend completely around me and also completely around the children. And, I’m just kind of illustrating and showing to him that, it’s just not, it’s not going to work anymore. It just doesn’t work. He can do all the things that he used to do, and it doesn’t work anymore. (Deep Breath)

So, I’m just kind of illustrating that. Showing that. 

And the piece around the children is important. It’s new and I didn’t know that that would be there, but that popped up, so, that happened.

A: Go ahead and illustrate as clearly as possible to Sam. Let me know when it is done.

N: It’s done.

A: And now I want you to imagine a healing light. This light has a color,  go ahead and imagine the color, and now this light is flowing over you like a waterfall of love and healing. Now draw this light inside and allow it to flow through you, to Sam.

Now it is time to detach the cord from you to Sam. And then from Sam to you. 

(pause) Go ahead and describe what’s happening. 

N: Mmmm, I’m just observing the sensation of not having that cord in me anymore. I can feel… umm… I can feel a really big, raw, space where it used to be. SO I’m just noticing that. (Deep Breath) But basically, yah, I brought that light in, and then sent it to him, and then detached the cord from my body and from my energy field, while it was filled with that light. Which is new, I haven’t done it that way before. And then I disconnected on his end as well. And then I took the cord and offered it back to him. That’s his. He can do with that what he wants with that. (Deep breath.) And now I have this raw spot. But it’s not raw in the way human bodies are raw, like pink.. pink. This is black and grey this raw spot. 

A: So this raw spot is black and grey. 

N: (Sighing). And it’s ok. It’s just it’s new... it’s new. It’s brand new. So I’m just noticing it.

A: Very good. You gave the cord, S’s cord back to him. What did you notice happened to your cord?

N: Normally they just disappear. I can see it. It’s just kind of hanging out right in front of him.. (laughing). He’s like “ Uhhh I don't know what to do! “  It looks like, I dunno, like a piece of metal piping. It looks *very* heavy is how it looks. It looks very heavy and very solid and very unmalleable and it looks unpleasant to caretake and I’m grateful that it’s not mine! 

A: Very good. So there’s this heavy, metallic, piece of piping, object hanging out in front of 

S and he doesn’t know what to do with it. And you’re grateful that it isn’t yours. Very good.

Now I want you to go inside. I know you described that space that is empty. What are you feeling inside that's emotional?

N: (Deep breath). Uhhh… I feel different. I feel…. Like there’s something new. I feel like there’s something new to feel. Like I haven’t experienced this version of myself before. So it feels….. I don't know if it’s good or bad. It’s just new. Different.

A: Very good. It’s feeling new and different. And now there's a mess of cords to detach and sever, it’s time to turn to your mom. And I want you to look at that one cord that’s going to your mom's heart. Your mom’s a little foggy. And you see that mess of cords that is coming from your mom to all four of your chakras in a tangle. Is there anything now that you’d like to say, remembering that you’re safe? That you’d like to say to your mom about these cords? You can do and say anything.

N: Ummm…..I say, Mom, I can see that this is.. .these are… this is very old. This is very very old. This has been here… and… it’s over now. This way, of…. What is she even doing? This way of getting energy from me? Or this way of holding onto me? Or whatever is going on, it’s over now. It’s over. And, you have permission to be 100% yourself in every way and every manifestation that you want to. And I also have permission to be 100% myself and my own manifestation and my own generator. My Self. And that you do not have permission in my space, in this way anymore at all. And, I am (deep breath) I am free. I’m free. Yah. That’s it.

A: Is there anything now that you wish to hear in response?

N: No.

A: So now I want you to again imagine healing light. It has a color that is flowing over you like a waterfall of love and healing. Drawing that light inside. Allowing it to flow through you, to your mom. When you are ready, begin to detach the cords from you to your mom, and from your mom to you. 

N: (Long pause. Deep breath) Ok so, I got them all untangled and off of me. And, I can’t disconnect them from her. It’s like, she’s got to be over there… with her weird, tangled up bunch of energy cords or whatever it is she’s doing over there (laughing.) That’s hers over there… so … she’s just kind of in a tangle of these cords. And flailing around and reaching. But it’s not mine anymore. (Deep breath) And I can just send her light - knowing that she’s not really going to feel it. But I can send it that way! And more importantly, just keep all that healing energy in my own bubble here.. in my own aura. (pause) So I did that.. and I felt…. I thought it was going to be really painful, but it’s not. Just, yah. Just bring in the healing light, and the pain disappears, and the cords unwrap and untangle and give them back to her and that's done!

A: Very good. So you’ve given all those cords back to your mom. It was a less painful process than you thought. Now imagine your mom walking away, fading away in space.  (Pause.) If there’s any cord that's attached to you, you can go ahead and get rid of that in any way you want.

N: Before she leaves, she says I love you. And, for the first time, I actually believe her. I can, I know that she does love me on the frequency she’s at. The capability level that she’s at. (Deep breath).

A: So then feel that love. The frequency and level she’s able to love you at.

N: Oh my god. And then I can feel…. Oh! My chakras have always felt to me, maybe fist size or slightly smaller? Just like a small… small. But this is… My root chakra feels way bigger. Like WAY bigger than even my body. (Gestures a large space around her body.) I can feel it pulsing even! It’s pulsing at the same rhythm as the heartbeat and of the earth. 

A: Very good. Feeling that really large root chakra now, pulsing to the same beat as the heartbeat of the earth. What do you feel emotionally and mentally?

N: I feel excited. I feel curious. Physically I feel really tingly. (big sigh.) And mentally, I don’t know! My cognitive mind hasn’t really caught up. It’s like, confused and like  “What?  What just happened?” (laughing.) 

A: Feeling excited and tingly. Very good. (pause) And now, if Sam is still in your space, I forgot to ask you to visualize watching him fade away or walk away. Go ahead and do that now.

N: Oh wow so this is interesting. I think... Ok, Sam is leaving, and I see there’s two things at the same time. He comes at me again and again like you know when a dog’s in a fence, and they’ll just come up to the fence all snarly and barking and they’ll ram the fence over and over. (Laughing.) So there’s that. And there’s this shield.. and actually it doesn’t even feel like it’s mine. There’s me, there’s my bubble, there’s this space, and then there’s something he can’t cross that’s invisible. But he keeps just ramming up against it. There’s this. This. And then there’s also….(deep breath) he finally turns and hangs his head and walks away. But doesn’t actually leave. They’re both still visible. They’re both still there. (Laughs.) (Pause.) (Big sigh.) Ok, so what do I do? I……(pause). Huh. Ok, so what I’m getting is that these two things keep happening, but this, this thing, that’s in between him and the space and then me...this thing, it was first just a veil. A really thin shield. But it feels like it’s actually getting thicker. That it’s really, really thick.  Like yards and yards and yards thick.. maybe even miles. 

And it’s still invisible, but I can no longer hear him… and that energy that he manages to get through it is very… filtered and muted so that…. So that it may still be possible… what is happening? (Sighing) Is this what’s happening? It feels like he may still be able to get things through to me but they will not be full force and that it will be diluted. But that’s not actually happening. I’m just looking at this shield and feeling like that’s what will happen. Or what could happen. But that’s not actually what’s happening. And it just keeps.. actually.. even while I’ve been describing this it’s grown thicker. Now it’s hundred or thousands of miles thick and he’s so far away it’s pushing him away. (Deep breath. Crying) Woh! So, ok. So he’s so far I can barely see him. And then there’s this reaction happening. Which I don't know what it is.. it just feels Ummm... it’s not sadness or fear… it’s just tight. (Breathing) And I can feel actually I’m reaching towards him now like “nooo!!!” Part of me doesn’t want him to be all the way gone. (Crying. Breathing)

A: So now we’re going to call a meeting. You’re going to move to your meeting room with this part of you that doesn’t want Sam gone. Move into your meeting room three, two, one (snaps fingers). Be there now. Seated at the table now, is that part of you that doesn’t want Sam gone. Now, call this meeting, speaking to that part of N, why is it that you don’t want Sam gone?

N: (Deep breath.)

A: You expressed that you felt tightness as you see Sam move away from you and get smaller and smaller. It's definitely a reaction as you watch Sam move away from you. So what is it that you don’t like about Sam being far, far away?

N: There’s a few layers. There’s grief. I’m just not done grieving yet. There’s the lack of belief in myself. That I’ve been, for so many years trained, and very systematically indoctrinated to believe that I need him for survival. So there’s still some of that, that’s not been cleared away. So it triggers this… it actually feels like I’m going to die like I can not physically survive as a human on this planet without him. So there’s that. There’s also the fear of who I will become without him. Because it’s going to be... I’m going to be… big… and bright… and great and part of me is still scared of that. (Sigh.) Is that it? I think that’s it. 

A: Ok I want to call your higher self to this meeting. So here you are with the part of yourself that doesn’t want Sam to go away. Because of the fear of who you will become without him. You are becoming big and bright and that there’s a need to keep Sam here for survival. So calling upon N’s higher self now. Asking N’s higher self, why does N fear becoming big and bright without Sam?

N: (Laughing!) Because she’s human! Because she’s human and that’s what they do. They can't imagine themselves any bigger than what they are… (laughs). But too bad because it’s not really up to her anymore. The trains left the station (laughing.) Too bad! But it’s ok, she’s ok. This is good. Those parts can just remain there… we’ve brought them to consciousness so now she’s aware. So they will just continue to clear because this has all been set into motion now.

A: Very good. And speaking to N’s higher self, N has stated that she feels she’s not done grieving and that’s why part of her doesn’t want to see Sam get small and move away from her. Can you shed some light or share some clarity to assist N so she can move through this grief and start a new chapter without Sam.

N: Well this is reiteration because she’s already figured this out in the past. She’s done a very good job of facing all the grief and moving through it all. And it will keep coming because she’s human (laughs.) But this single-pointed focus, the time for that is over now, now there’s a duplicity. There has to be two things. Seeing and feeling and allowing all the grief, and loss, fear, and resentment, those are human conditions and they have to be held and addressed. But now, also is bringing in joy and love and safety and awareness and acceptance and gratitude and forgiveness. These, this needs to be, and she’s figured it out already, this is already happening, but then so now, as time will move, it will be more of the new good things and it will be so much more in balance. And that the time of focusing just on clearing the negative it’s, it’s, it’s over. She’s done that piece now. (Deep breath.)

A: Very good. N you’ve done the part of cleaning the negativity and your higher self has very clearly and wisely stated that your focus now is on joy, love, safety, wellness, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness. Is there anything you’d like to ask or say or do in response to what your higher self has shared with you?

N: Ahhh… well… so… I’m curious about that forgiveness word because it seems like that will play a part in this. Am I supposed to be sending forgiveness? Like, when does that happen (Laughs.) Is that a requirement? What’s the deal with forgiveness?

A: So asking N’s higher self, what does N do? Does she need to send this forgiveness? What does she need to do around this? 

N: (Pause) Ok so she doesn’t answer me… she… ah… (deep breath). What does she do? It’s almost like she comes alongside… You, know when someone takes over your computer and moves your mouse for you remotely? It almost feels like this. She’s like ok.. and… DOES the sending of forgiveness for me. Or she’s holding my energetic hand and showing me how to do it like a very small young child who can’t figure it out. So, it IS a piece of it. (Deep breath). And the forgiveness can go all the way over those thousands of miles and through and over and around that big barrier. And, I can have a sense of the power that, that gives me, but it’s still very new and unfamiliar and weak. But I get a taste of it, my first taste of how forgiveness works. And I can see it very clearly, it does get to Sam. And if I send forgiveness to my mom, it just goes out into nothingness. She’s so foggy, I don't even know if it reaches her. I’m just sending it out into the ether and it echos out and maybe she’ll get some of it, I have no idea. Everything’s super foggy with her. But this is something I haven’t done before. I have never. I have not *done* the energy of forgiveness before. It’s very real. I have a felt sensation of it. It’s not the idea ‘oh forgiveness sets you free’, I can actually feel it, the vibration of forgiveness. And it’s much cleaner and less complicated than I thought. 

A: So go ahead now and sense into the vibration of forgiveness. Fully integrate the frequency and the clean uncomplicated energy of it. 

N: It’s remarkable actually. The more I send… I get… I get bigger. My energy field just gets really, way, way bigger. I can’t remember ever feeling my energy this big. ( Deep breath.)

A: Let’s see how big you can get your energy in this moment. It’s clean and uncomplicated. Really feeling it with all senses. From this moment on as we integrate this energy, you will be able to reach it and use it knowing that the more you send it out, the bigger your energy field becomes. 

N: (Deep breath.) Yah wow. My sense is that my energy field is bigger than my house right now. It’s huge! And it feels really good. I can feel all my organs are relaxed, all my fluids are flowing really nicely. That raw, black patch from the cord is healed over. (deep breath.) It feels really quite comfortable actually. I thought I would be scared of being big but it’s really quite comfortable. Natural.

A: Very good. Feeling this high vibration of clean clear energy, forgiveness. I want you now to imagine, maybe it’s a monitor here in space, or a movie screen or a crystal ball, look into it and see N. See your future self with this vibration, this frequency. See what is possible now. Using all senses here, see, feel, taste, hear, smell all possibilities. 

N: (Deep breath.)

A: And so it is.  (Pause) And now it is time to bid farewell to your higher self and return to your present time and self.  I will count you back from one to five. You will open your eyes on five and you will be completely rejuvenated and energized. One, two, bringing back with you all the downloads, tools and techniques, three, bringing back with you the ability to integrate this new powerful energy of forgiveness, four, begin to return to yourself, move your toes and fingers and five, go ahead and open your eyes. (pause) Welcome back!.

N sent this email to me the following day;

Also, there were all sorts of clearing that kept happening. I did hours and hours of embodiment last night... lots of sighing, clearing, crying, letting huge gushes of joy, and well being in and through. ALL of my chakras are 300x's the size they were before. Thank you, thank you for your amazing assistance with this powerful cord-cutting.

To protect the privacy of my client, all names have been changed. This post has been made possible with the permission of my client.

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