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A Meeting With Cannabis

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

July 29, 2020

My client wants to reduce her cannabis consumption and shift her relationship with cannabis from one of dependency to one of respect. She recognizes the power and healing abilities of this sacred plant and wishes to use it in moderation only. 

All my sessions start with relaxation and deepening techniques, this allows a bypass of the conscious/thinking mind moving directly into the subconscious mind, it is here that repatterning of addictions and behaviors can happen. There are numerous and successful case studies of hypnosis being used for smoking cessation. Cannabis addiction is fairly new to our culture in comparison to tobacco addiction, this said it is my belief that if it works for tobacco addiction that it can have the same success in ceasing cannabis addiction. In this session I had my client set up a meeting room and invite Cannabis and whoever else served to be at this meeting. Here’s what happened.

A: Enter this meeting room, and go ahead and visualize this meeting room however you wish.

Perhaps it has grand windows. Make this meeting room so that you can invite the goddess

cannabis, the beautiful green powerful goddess. And as you prepare this meeting room for

cannabis, making it so she feels welcome and comfortable, and so that you feel welcome and

comfortable for this very important meeting. Noticing if you have a table that you and she will sit at or any chairs. Noticing how beautiful this meeting room is. You can also call in anyone else who can act as a support for this meeting with cannabis. It can be a higher self, a wise guide, a family member, or a friend. Anyone else who might have to do with this attraction, this need for cannabis. Anyone else who has anything to do with this tie to cannabis. (Pause)

And so now I invite you to open the meeting room door and notice who enters this meeting that you’ve called. And notice where cannabis is in the room, notice how she looks. And you can go ahead to invite them to sit down, and thank those who have arrived for coming to this important meeting. And if they do sit down, notice where they are seated and their positions.

And when you are ready, go ahead and describe who has entered this meeting.

N: Um, it’s like you said there’s a big green beautiful goddess, and then there’s um, me. There are different versions of me. And there’s like, me, the host of the meeting. And then there’s,

like a really hurt wounded shamed me, and there’s my teenage me, and there’s little kid me. I

think that’s it.

A: Look at cannabis, how does she look?

N: She doesn’t look like anything, we’re not even in a room. We’re in… it’’s just space…

it’s just an imaginary location. So, I don’t know, I guess I can sense her? Or imagine her. (Deep breath in) She definitely has no edges. But the me’s, I can picture, like, humans, like myself. And they’re WAY smaller compared to cannabis. Like WAY smaller. And they’re solid, they have edges. Goddess cannabis is an energy field.

A: So here you are, way smaller than the goddess cannabis, who has no edges like you like

your selves do. She’s large. And so, as host Nancy, what do you say to the goddess cannabis? To this energy that is here that is present?