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A Meeting With Cannabis

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

July 29, 2020

My client wants to reduce her cannabis consumption and shift her relationship with cannabis from one of dependency to one of respect. She recognizes the power and healing abilities of this sacred plant and wishes to use it in moderation only. 

All my sessions start with relaxation and deepening techniques, this allows a bypass of the conscious/thinking mind moving directly into the subconscious mind, it is here that repatterning of addictions and behaviors can happen. There are numerous and successful case studies of hypnosis being used for smoking cessation. Cannabis addiction is fairly new to our culture in comparison to tobacco addiction, this said it is my belief that if it works for tobacco addiction that it can have the same success in ceasing cannabis addiction. In this session I had my client set up a meeting room and invite Cannabis and whoever else served to be at this meeting. Here’s what happened.

A: Enter this meeting room, and go ahead and visualize this meeting room however you wish.

Perhaps it has grand windows. Make this meeting room so that you can invite the goddess

cannabis, the beautiful green powerful goddess. And as you prepare this meeting room for

cannabis, making it so she feels welcome and comfortable, and so that you feel welcome and

comfortable for this very important meeting. Noticing if you have a table that you and she will sit at or any chairs. Noticing how beautiful this meeting room is. You can also call in anyone else who can act as a support for this meeting with cannabis. It can be a higher self, a wise guide, a family member, or a friend. Anyone else who might have to do with this attraction, this need for cannabis. Anyone else who has anything to do with this tie to cannabis. (Pause)

And so now I invite you to open the meeting room door and notice who enters this meeting that you’ve called. And notice where cannabis is in the room, notice how she looks. And you can go ahead to invite them to sit down, and thank those who have arrived for coming to this important meeting. And if they do sit down, notice where they are seated and their positions.

And when you are ready, go ahead and describe who has entered this meeting.

N: Um, it’s like you said there’s a big green beautiful goddess, and then there’s um, me. There are different versions of me. And there’s like, me, the host of the meeting. And then there’s,

like a really hurt wounded shamed me, and there’s my teenage me, and there’s little kid me. I

think that’s it.

A: Look at cannabis, how does she look?

N: She doesn’t look like anything, we’re not even in a room. We’re in… it’’s just space…

it’s just an imaginary location. So, I don’t know, I guess I can sense her? Or imagine her. (Deep breath in) She definitely has no edges. But the me’s, I can picture, like, humans, like myself. And they’re WAY smaller compared to cannabis. Like WAY smaller. And they’re solid, they have edges. Goddess cannabis is an energy field.

A: So here you are, way smaller than the goddess cannabis, who has no edges like you like

your selves do. She’s large. And so, as host Nancy, what do you say to the goddess cannabis? To this energy that is here that is present?

N: You’re making me sick. You’re making me sick (Laughs) Please help me understand how to stop my relationship with you, or understand how to turn it healthy. Either one.

A: You're making me sick, please tell me how to stop or make it healthy. What does goddess

cannabis say in response?

N: She doesn’t say anything. She’s… there’s… I don’t know. There’s something happening. But it’s not describable in English. (Deep inhale) Ummm…. (Pause) I’ve never felt anything like this, I don’t know what this is! (Laughs out loud) It’s like an exchange, it’s a nonverbal exchange. It’s completely initiated by… her…. but I’m giving things too. But she’s initiating it. (Deep inhale)

A: Go inside your body and describe what is taking place in this exchange between you can


N: It’s like little particles. Like little packets. It’s like little cartoon friendly bullets of light. They’re

‘pew, pew pewing!” And they go right into my body. And I shoot other ones out.. it’s all very

Friendly. They’re like little packets of information and light. It’s totally unclear what this is though... it’s like, is she going to release me from her grip? (Laughs) Is she going to set me free? Is this a solution? There’s no information at all… it’s just… it’s this experience. There’s no information.

A: So go ahead and tap into this experience. This exchange of these little packets of light going into your body.

N: So it’s like, at first they were just going straight into my center and then coming straight out.

But now it feels like they’re swimming up around in my chest. Yah, it feels like they’re swimming. It’s not unpleasant. They’re really big… way bigger than anything I’ve had, like, moving around. They’re not molecule size, they’re Nerf gun pellet size. (laughing, giggling) It feels weird.

A: It feels weird as they move around these large, Nerf gun pellets.

N: Big deep breaths. And then they’re like, going into my arms, and neck and into my brain. They have not, they haven’t gone lower than the root chakra.

A: As you experience this energy exchange between you and cannabis…..

N: I’m trying to hold on to my intention and keep sending it. “Please set me free!”

A: “Please set me free!” as you experience this energy exchange. And so as the hostess, let’s let the hostess continue to experience this energy exchange with the intention to “please set me free”. Let’s move over to the wounded N, who is in this space, and what does she have to say to cannabis? What does she want to express or do in this moment?

N: She wants to express gratitude. And...Yah, be thankful for…(deep breath) the help, and

the places that they’ve gone together.

A: So what does she say to cannabis in an expression of gratitude?

N: She says thank you and she runs through like a movie real of memories of good things that

have happened.

A: So here she is thanking cannabis as she moves through a memory reel of happy moments

together. And what does cannabis do or say or express to wounded Nancy as she moves through these movie reels of memories?

N: She’s shooting those little packets of light stuff and it’s actually dissolving all the other me’s. They’re just like, vaporizing.

A: So she still sending those packets of light and she’s vaporizing, she’s dissolving those other versions of you. They’re all going away.

N: (Bursts into uncontrollable laughter. Literally rolling around in laughter).

A: As wounded runs through a reel of happy moments with cannabis.

N: (Continues uncontrollable laugher), I feel really hot!

A: She’s dissolving all those versions of you.

N: It’s true, that’s what’s happening! (still laughing). Oh god, it’s so funny! It’s so amusing! (still laughing). Get it?! She’s VAPORIZING THEM! (laughing).

A: She’s vaporized all those versions of you as you run through the reel of happy moments.

N: (still laughing). Oh god, it’s so good. Oh god, it’s so good! (finally calming down.)

A: Ok. I want you to scan your body from head to to and just check in with yourself. How do you feel in this moment with gratitude and resolution?

N: I feel bubbling and light. Light density light and luminescent light. And (deep breath in). I feel really clear.

A: So you feel bubbling and light, and luminescent light, and clear. What do you wish to say or

express or do with cannabis?

N: (pause. chuckle). Say thank you, and, ahhhh, and maybe there’s an understanding that, you know, she’s my friend. She doesn’t have to be my enemy. (deep breath.) Yah.

A: And speaking to the energy of cannabis who is now present, and Nancy stating that she’s realizing that she can be your friend and that she doesn’t have to be your enemy and that you can be her friend and that you don’t have to be her enemy. Nancy Has requested and set an intention to stop smoking. Speaking to cannabis is there any guidance or anything you wish to share with Nancy in the intention of stopping smoking and allowing her to be free from you. What do you say?

N: In my true form I don’t make you sick. You just need to find better sources. It’s, yah, you feel sick because you are getting sick. You feel sick because it’s making you sick because you’re not getting good pot…. so, when the time is right you’ll find some. Some will come your way. It doesn’t have to be the end of our relationship, maybe just take a break.

A: And so Nancy what do you say in response to cannabis who’s just shared with you that it’s the source of pot and that it doesn’t have to be the end of your relationships. Just take a break.

N: I say ya that sounds good. But like, I hope I can do that. (laughing) I’m going to need help. I need help! Help!

A: And now switch. Cannabis, what do you say in response to Nancy who has just asked for help?

N: Cannabis doesn’t say anything, but like, all my guides show up. So, I have help. I have help. And the…. There’s, the communication is of permissiveness. Like um, like it’s required of me to be more flexible and have more permissiveness for the process. (deep inhale). Yah.

But they are, they are helping. It’s maybe just not as black and white (laughs) as my human

brain would like to make it. (chuckling).

A: And so Nancy what do you say to your guides, who are saying there’s a permissiveness, to be permissive with it.

N: (deep sigh). I say ok. Because, there’s something, it’s like, yah, I’m willing to be curious and permissive because now, my body is full of... Nerf gun pellets of healing cannabis love and light (laughing), so maybe now something will be different.

A: So knowing that your body is full of these healing Nerf gun particles of light that cannabis has filled you with, what do your guides say now or do in this moment?

N: They’re just amused as hell. They just think this is all hilarious. They’re literally rolling around with laughter. (starts laughing again). So, what I’m noticing is there’s so no sense of concern or urgency from anybody. And personally, my human experience has been one of much concern and urgency around this, but there is not that from any of them. They all think it’s just really funny. So that makes me feel (deep breath) more spacious.

A: Good. So go inside now, knowing that your higher guides are rolling around in laughter, and knowing the there is this new spacious now that allows this permissiveness to unfold. This new way of being in relationship with cannabis and all things in life, and all events.

And so fully embody this spaciousness, these Nerf pellets that are swimming through your body, healing the Nerf pellets that cannabis has sent you in the form of information and exchange. Knowing that she’s your friend. And knowing that from this moment on your source of pot will be healthy pot. And from this moment on, you have the ability to take a break until the healthy pot shows up. And now is there anything else you wish to say, do or express with your guides or the goddess cannabis before we close this scene?

N: I would just apologize to cannabis for vilifying her and for not being as respectful as I could

be. (pause) That’s’ it.

A: And so go ahead and make that apology unless you’ve already done so. And how does

cannabis respond?

N: (Laughing!) She shot, like this big, giant (laughing) The biggest nerf gun pellet ever, like the size of a car. (rolling around laughing) Like oh, yah?! (Pretends she’s shooting a giant love gun). Oh god, it’s so funny. It’s so weird. It’s all so weird. (deep breath.)

A: And so, go inside your body, she has just shot this giant, car size nerf pellet into your body.

N: (laughing) it feels really good!

A: Where does it feel good?

N: So it’s really interesting though, it doesn’t move any further below my second chakra. Its’

only here and up. I can’t even move it intentionally down, which is fine. It just feels like white. Like white. Like, Uuuhh, yah (laughs).

A: Very good. So enjoy, integrate this giant, car-sized nerf pellet that cannabis has shot in your body.

N: (big sigh.)

A: And now is there anything you wish to say to your guides who are maybe still rolling around

laughing, is there anything else you wish to say before we close this scene?

N: Thanks, guys! It’s a blast! It’s always a blast!

A: Thanks guys, it’s a blast, it’s always a blast. Very good. And so go ahead and bid farewell to cannabis and to your guides knowing you can return to this room that you have created and that they will be here whenever you call a meeting. (pause) And now I invite you to just float up outside of your body, up to perhaps the ceiling, not very far, and just gaze upon this magnificent, body and vessel that is yours. And sending love and gratitude to this vessel that is you. This miraculous body that has allowed you to experience all that you have experienced. Sending love and gratitude to all the work that has led you to this point of permissiveness, this new way of being with all events unfolding from this moment on. Knowing that you are already on the path, you’ve already set the intention to be open to receiving care, love, and nurturing. And so this is a moment you can really be proud of yourself and grateful to this body and this vessel that you continually evolve and grow. Fulling embracing all parts of you. Seeing all parts of you from the top of your head, moving down, to your face, your shoulders your arms, all the way to your hands, the tips of your fingers. Looking at your powerful core, down over your hips, your powerful legs, all the way down to your calves and your ankles, your strong feet, and gripping toes. Sending loving and gratitude to all the parts that make up you. This whole magnificent, powerful vessel and body. The one that you have chosen, and chosen well. You can be proud of choosing a healthy, beautiful body for this experience. This human experience. And now gently return down back into your body, getting comfortable. Fully integrating yourself into your body, into this magnificent vessel. (pause) And now it is time to return to your present self and time. I will count you from One to five and on five you will open your eyes, feeling completely energized and rejuvenated. One, two, three, four, five when you are ready, open your eyes (pause.) Welcome back.

This post has been made possible with the permission of my client. All rights reserved.

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