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A Conversation With The Immune System

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Charlie has struggled his adult life with an autoimmune disorder that has caused him a great deal of physical and emotional pain. His desire for a hypnotherapy session was to get to the core of this issue, seeking understanding for a life of discomfort and pain.  In a state of hypnosis, a client can access the root and cause of trauma and with the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist, the client can see through a different lens thus gaining clarity and understanding where both body and mind healing happens.  After a relaxation technique, I guide Charlie to a meeting room, where he is asked to invite his immune system and anyone else that serves to be present at this meeting. Charlie watches as his immune system appears and is quite surprised when his father who also struggled with an autoimmune disorder enters the meeting room. Here a heartfelt, wise, and at times funny conversation is shared between Charlie, his immune system, and father. A week later Charlie called to tell me that for the first time in a very long time he wasn't experiencing his usual pain and discomfort and felt “normal” again.

A: Step into your meeting room.  Go ahead and visualize this meeting room now.   See the meeting room table… look out the window… look at your view.  Notice the colors that are here.  Noticing any smells.   Go ahead and prepare this meeting room

Knowing that you have sent a special invitation to your immune system.  And to any other players involved in assisting you in controlling your immune system and anyone else into this meeting.  And when you are ready go ahead and speak to who has arrived here at this meeting.

C: My immune system and…(pause, surprised) my father.

A: Your immune system and your father are here.  What’s your father’s name? 

C: William.

A: Do you see anyone else?

C: (inaudible)

A: So your father and your immune system.   Ok so go ahead and sit down and notice where everyone is sitting...where are you sitting at the table?

C: Big oval table and I’m at the end.

A: Big oval table and you’re at the end...and where is your dad?

C: He is sitting right next to me on my left.

A: He is on your left side.  And your immune system is on your right.  Can you describe your immune system?   How does it look to you?

C: Different components that move around my blood system and they interact with other things, I don’t know what they are.

A: Ok...  the component that moves around your system…

C: The blood cells.

A: And so Charlie has called this meeting here.  And your father William has shown up and your immune system has shown up. Charlie has stated that he wishes to have control over his immune system… he wishes to have a calmer immune system.  And so go ahead now and convey this to your immune system.  Convey your wishes and desires.

C: I apologize to call you out like this because I know you are busy and you are hard-working.  (Pause)…. I’m sorry but you are something that is very precious to me and my life depends on it.   And the red parts and the white parts inside making blood cells.  (Big breath) the blood cells need to know where to go to do their thing.  They get to go all over me I know so you are welcome to continue to go all over me.   You are welcome to go on all the paths you followed but I need you to understand.  Why? Why do you do this?

A: Ok, now I need you to switch.  I need you to respond to Charlie who has just asked “why… why do you do this?”

C: I’m just doing my job.  So your job is to… attack me?!  I don’t understand.   

A: Switch.

C: You don’t need to work so hard.  You don’t need to work so hard.  Save your energy on your immune system there…. just relax a little bit.  Breath deep and relax.  You're just hard-working, don’t mean to do it that hard.   It’s not so serious.  It’s all ok. 

A: What does your immune system say now in response?

C: I’m really trying to help… I’m so sorry.  (Sobbing) I thought that was the way it was supposed to work.  I’m doing the best I can.  You need to help me.   Relax me.  You are in charge of that.  I understand how you feel.  If you feel nervous inside, anxious or mad inside, I have no choice but to follow those directions.   I don’t have any other choice.  So lighten up and help me out and help me do a better job. (Switching) OK.  Ok buddy you got it.  

So bear with me here. (Switching) Thank you immune system (Crying) thank you thank you!

C: It’ll be nice to get along with you.  So you can take care of people.  You can help take care of me and I’ll help take care of you.  That’s what the world needs.  (Pause) Cooperate....we’ll cooperate. I’ll do the best I can by you and you do the best you can by me...ok?  Ok.  Thank you.  Thank you for witnessing Dad. Thank you for being here.  Um… I’ll see you guys later ok.  You can just let yourselves out and go where you need to go.

A: If the immune system is here… or your dad or perhaps your higher self… but if the immune system is here. The immune system has made it very clear that it seeks assistance from Charlie. Charlie, do you hear this?

C: Oh yeah I hear it loud and clear.

A: And speaking to your higher self or to your dad or to your immune system. What tools or techniques or methods can Charlie use or do in order to…

C: He already knows perfectly well what to do.  Easy does it.  Easy does it.  Easy come easy go.  Easy go easy come.  

A: Charlie what do you say in response to this?

C: Thank you.

A: Charlie has also asked for any guidance on where the immune system lives in his body.

C: Wherever there is blood.

A: Wherever there is blood… ok good.  Thank you I’m assuming that was your immune system responding?

C: Yes.

A: Very good… thank you immune system for being here.  And is there anything… Also the immune system, Charlie has conveyed that he really appreciates all that you do, that you kick ass and he loves how active you are.

C: Yes...thank you for healing me so fast.  Thank you for healing me so fast.

A: Also, he wants to...

C: I never get sick… thank you.   And it’s not your fault.  I get it…. I get it thank you.  You are just really trying to do the best that you can do but you can only go off the information that I give you… I got it.  I got it.

A: So somehow there is a way that Charlie and the immune system can speak to each other to know that Charlie’s tissue is off-limits.

C: You are constantly speaking to me in everything you think, everything you eat, everything you experience.  It is always speaking to me… you get to decide what the experience means… and then I react to that.   

A: Thank you immune system for those very wise words.   And so it’s clear that Charlie needs to slow down…

C: And be more happy.  Laugh more.  Just laugh… actually a laugh tells me that it’s ok. It’s that simple.  You know your belly laughs?  If i feel your belly laughing then I’ll know it’s ok.  See?

A: Immune system, what does it feel like to receive those belly laughs?  What happens?

C: (Quiet laughter)

A: Charlie is working with you… he is sending those belly laughs down.

C: It feels like a massage.  It’s like a little “Hey thank you for working so hard...relax it’s ok… everything is good here”.  

A: Wow.  So immune system, you are receiving a massage with the belly laughs that Charlie experiences. 

C: I’m not going to attack any of that.   You know what else helps… if you just sit in the morning and feel every part of your body.  Use your imagination like your teachers have taught you.  Yeah… ALL Right!   YAH that’s the message, that’s the message.  It’s funny how it’s similar to Bruce Lipton’s book… and that is when I got my first big healing when I learned that I get to decide what the inputs are. 

A: You get to decide.

C: That’s when I knew I could be healthy.   I think my dad showed up because of the challenges and the patterning I got from him.  That’s why my dad showed up…  he always felt really bad about that.

A: Why don’t you say that to your dad... he is right here with us.

What does he say?

C: I’m sorry son. No more sorry Dad.  No more sorry it’s ok.  Sorry just makes it worse.  It’s ok.   

A: It’s ok. 

C: All that negativity it really does need to die with me.  Or maybe when it really started to go away is when you died and I need to just let it go.  It started to get a lot worse when you left.

A: William... is there anything else

C: Because Dad it’s made me angry… and I find it interesting that I get pissed off at you for that and it’s like a big tornado of being pissed off.  I don’t know if that makes sense but that’s the way it happens.  So it’s held me back from actually celebrating the good things about you.   Really celebrating it.  Unintelligible…. fully witness those parts too.   So those are the parts to celebrate.  (Big breath)

A: Does William say or do anything in response?

C: No.  Everybody is cool.   I’m sure Dad will be back.   He is always with me.  I’m not sad to see the anger go, it feels lighter.

A: It feels lighter, very good.  If the immune system is still here Charlie has also indicated that he wants to know if his nutrition is taking in… is there something that can be done to assist you with absorbing nutrition?  

C: Exercise.  You need to create the demand for the food you are eating so that we know exactly where it needs to go.  

A: Very good.

C: More water…. and there are some trace minerals that will help me… I don’t know which ones.  Trace minerals….Um...I’ll give it up to the higher power to present them.

A: So exercise will create the demand and so your body knows where to put the nutrition… and more water… and your higher power will know what minerals your body needs.  Is now the time to ask your higher self what these minerals are?

C: I really just need to take a broad-spectrum mineral…. magnesium?

A: Magnesium.  Is there anything else?

C: Vitamin K… as in Kale

A: Kale...that’s good since you’ve grown lots of kale in your garden.  Anything else?

C: The little bugs living in your gut… your flora, when you calm down they will stay there.  They just want to stay where they are welcome.

A: All right… all these little bugs, your flora they just need to know they are welcome.

C: I just need to keep doing that with good foods.  Fermented foods.  Whole foods…. you know what to do.

A: Whole Foods.  Very good.  Is there anything else you wish to communicate with your dad or your higher self before we adjourn this meeting?

C: Thank you for showing up.  Thank you for showing up.  I love you.  I forgive you.  We are going to do this.

A: Thank you for showing up.  Thank you for showing up.  I love you.  I forgive you.  We are going to do this.

C: They said it right back at me.   We said it at the same time.

A: Very good.  So now it’s time to bid each other farewell knowing that you can come back to this meeting room anytime to discuss anything you wish to know, understand, or gain clarity on.

C: Everybody put their foreheads together.

It’s funny my dad... I can feel his head… but the immune blob is gray with red jelly inside.

Ok…. unintelligible.   Go, team!

A: Ok it’s time to return to your present self in time. I will count you back from one to five and on five you will open your eyes, feeling completely rejuvenated and energized.  One, two, three, four, five. When you are ready go ahead and open your eyes. (pause) Welcome back.

I encouraged him to continue to stay connected to his immune system by speaking to it in a kind and supportive manner.

A week later Charlie called to tell me that for the first time in a very long time he wasn't experiencing his usual pain and discomfort and felt “normal” again.

And as a hypnotherapist, this kind of client affirmation supports me in my efforts to assist courageous beings with their healing journey. And I believe that if we are to heal the world the work must first begin with the individual's inner healing.

To protect the privacy of my client, all names have been changed. This post has been made possible with the permission granted from the client. All rights reserved.

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