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A Conversation With The Immune System

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Charlie has struggled his adult life with an autoimmune disorder that has caused him a great deal of physical and emotional pain. His desire for a hypnotherapy session was to get to the core of this issue, seeking understanding for a life of discomfort and pain.  In a state of hypnosis, a client can access the root and cause of trauma and with the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist, the client can see through a different lens thus gaining clarity and understanding where both body and mind healing happens.  After a relaxation technique, I guide Charlie to a meeting room, where he is asked to invite his immune system and anyone else that serves to be present at this meeting. Charlie watches as his immune system appears and is quite surprised when his father who also struggled with an autoimmune disorder enters the meeting room. Here a heartfelt, wise, and at times funny conversation is shared between Charlie, his immune system, and father. A week later Charlie called to tell me that for the first time in a very long time he wasn't experiencing his usual pain and discomfort and felt “normal” again.

A: Step into your meeting room.  Go ahead and visualize this meeting room now.   See the meeting room table… look out the window… look at your view.  Notice the colors that are here.  Noticing any smells.   Go ahead and prepare this meeting room

Knowing that you have sent a special invitation to your immune system.  And to any other players involved in assisting you in controlling your immune system and anyone else into this meeting.  And when you are ready go ahead and speak to who has arrived here at this meeting.

C: My immune system and…(pause, surprised) my father.

A: Your immune system and your father are here.  What’s your father’s name? 

C: William.

A: Do you see anyone else?

C: (inaudible)

A: So your father and your immune system.   Ok so go ahead and sit down and notice where everyone is sitting...where are you sitting at the table?

C: Big oval table and I’m at the end.

A: Big oval table and you’re at the end...and where is your dad?

C: He is sitting right next to me on my left.

A: He is on your left side.  And your immune system is on your right.  Can you describe your immune system?   How does it look to you?

C: Different components that move around my blood system and they interact with other things, I don’t know what they are.